Addressing Param Gati as "Maharaja"?


BRAZIL: ISKCON Authorities are Still Addressing Param Gati as "Maharaja"

If you don't know who is Param Gati, read this: Param Gati Swami's Case

"Factually, many devotees there continue to worship Paramgati dasa as a bona fide spiritual master, even after he was removed from his position as sannyasi and initiator guru due to his sexual advances towards an underage boy. They are so out-spaced that everyone there still calls Hridayananda "Acaryadeva" – although such titles have been banned decades ago –, think that he is a maha-bhagavata and believes that he was personally appointed by Prabhupada as his successor. "

And now we are going to prove that local ISKCON authorities themselves are still worshipping him as a bona fide spiritual master.

The first post comes from ISKCON São Paulo's official Facebook page. The second post comes from ISKCON Brazil's official Facebook page, that is, this page actually represents the local GBC.

You don't even have to know Portuguese to see what's happening here. They're addressing Param Gati as "Maharaja Param Gati Dasa".

As we all know, ISKCON authorities have a tendency to just delete everything after things get heated, so we backed up everything below:

As you can see, this was published less than two months ago. This other one is from the Brazilian GBC official page. This was published on December 16, 2015.

This is saying that "Param Gati Maharaja" will be present at the 10 year anniversary of Paraíso dos Pândavas.