Amazing Russian Padayatra Report

Russian Padayatra Report by Narada dasa - 17.10 2016

We started 13 May 2016 from Samara
Finished 9 September (Radhashtami) in Ershov village
69 devotees participated (39 men and 30 women)

Lasted for 120 days

76 harinam-sankirtan on the streets

3080 Srila Prabhupad books distributed
342 audio disks with kirtans and lectures
350 «Golden Age» magazines

29 cities

16000 km the total distance covered

Total income $10,453
+ donations by devotees 304 339,23 Rub
+ donations on sankirtana 267 253,60 Rub
+ selling the car (at the end) 63 000 Rub
+ mehendi 23 403,00 Rub

Total expenses 602 116,59 расход
– Petrol 197 099,03 Rub
– Books from BBT 98 875,00 Rub
– Prasadam 94 232,25 Rub
– Old car 50 000 Rub
– Repairing cars 50 593,80 Rub
– Sound system 41 950,00 Rub
– Technical stuff, musical inctruments and so on 69366,51 Rub

more about Russian padayatra:

This summer our Padayatra came to Rostov city. On the first harinam in the park one little girl with her mother were passing by. Little girl, maybe 4-5 year old, liked harinama so much that after watching a little began to dance with us. She was dancing the whole harinam, and become very sad, when it was over. She started to cry so sincerely that her mother asked where the next harinam will be. Next day they came to the other park and they both mother and daughter were dancing with us and they were very happy. After two days I met them on sunday programm with Prabhavishnu prabhu and asked them how they are doing. Mother said that daughters first question every morning was if we are going to Hare Krishnas today? She couldn’t wait to meet devotees. And thee both were very happy during the programm. Now they attend bhakti-vriksha group.

This story happened in Vityazevo. As usuall, harinama was passing by different litle summer shops, people were staring and so on. I notised one girl among them she was unusual. She was very beautiful with big black eyes, black hair. She was look like indian girl. She couldn’t take her eyes of harinam, in return, I couldn’t take my eyes from her. Some book distributors offered books to her but she had no money.