Preaching in Pakistan

By Syama Chandr Das - 28.2 2016

Mahaprabhu is manifesting His causeless mercy on the devotees in Pakistan who endeavor to glorify Srila Prabhupada on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration of ISKCON.

A Gita Conference was arranged on Friday, 26th of February 2016, at Rangi Ram Darbar, PirJu Ghoth, Khairpur District, Sindh. The event was blessed with the presence of around 2000 people who participated enthusiastically in the discussions.

The conference was graced by the presence of special guest, HG Sarvabhauma Prabhu (Dr. Shishpal Sharma) who visited the Land of Saints, Sindh, after almost a Decade to spread the message of Bhagavad Gita for peace and prosperity. In his lecture during the conference, he stressed on following teachings of Srila Prabhupada pointing out the fact that it’s a greatest blessing that our Acraya has left to help us awaken the Love for God in this modern age of Kali.

HG Sarvabhauma Prabhu is famous in Sindh for delievering Bhagavad Gita Lectures and has inspired many People in the 80’s and 90’s by teachings of Lord Sri Krsna. Again with same enthusiasm, ISKCON Pakistan is pledging to arrange many programs in near future in different cities of Pakistan to enlighten people with the teachings of ‘Bhagavad Gita’ and spread the message of Mahaprabhu.

The program ended with loud chants and Kirtan which overwhelmed the devotees and they danced on the tunes of Mahamantra with HG Sarvabhauma Prabhu.

Devotees of ISKCON Prahalad-desh are offering this homage for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada on the 50th Anniversery of ISKCON.

ISKCON Pakistan.