Red Alert Report on ISKCON Moscow


A desperate appeal to the GBC body to fix the mistakes made here by its former Russian GBC and his followers. I call for a serious investiagation to fix the problems.

Moscow Temple was robbed a while back of 2 Million Rubles, during mangal artik time by a man dressed in a sari (it's on video) -- an inside job. Then disciples of the former Moscow GBC don't cooperate with Moscow ISKCON at all – they are totally independent. They hold on to millions of U.S. Dollars that bought land outside Moscow that was supposed to be used for the purpose it was collected for (for Moscow ISKCON). Now it's not used for Moscow ISKCON, and they work with no one and are unaccountable.

As per ther former GBC's arrangements, they used and control all the money that was raised to build Moscow temple to buy an independent brahmacari ashram – offically part of Moscow ISKCON. It's now run and managed by the former Russian GBC's disciples, and they answer to no one. Listen again – to no one. Meanwhile the land worth 2 Million U.S.D. that was bought to build a Moscow temple sits idle outside Moscow for 7 years, and they refuse to sell it and give the money back to Moscow ISKCON, its rightful owner. Meanwhile Moscow temple will soon be closed and homeless again!!!

Currently the building they use is being knocked down by its owners, and its land sold and they will be homeless again. As far as Moscow's new GBC, he was appointed by the former GBC and is a discipe of the former GBC guru. He is a puppet of the former GBC's mistakes and supports his mistakes and does nothing.

I ask, as a last resort), for the GBC body do your job. Find out, investigate and fix what is going on wrongly in Moscow ISKCON.

As of this week, October 2018 in Moscow ISKCON:

Why is the ISKCON Moscow book shop and gift shop selling Bhagavad-gita's by B.V. Narayana Maharaj??? They are selling and promoting up front Gita's not writen by HDG Srila Prabhupada. Also, Srila Prabhupada's books are dwarfed and overshadowed by too many other books now in Moscow ISKCON and elsewhere in ISKCON temple gift shops. It is very sad to see and is offensive to His Divine Grace.