Worship of Lord Brahma, Part 95

BY: SUN STAFF - 28.5 2018

Temples at Khedbrahma


A serial exploration of places of Lord Brahma's worship.

Sri Brahma Temple at Khedbrahma, Gujarat

In the Sabarkantha district of Gujarat is the city of Khedbrahma, in which resides an ancient Lord Brahma temple that is one of only two in the state. Khedbrahma sits at the sangam, or confluence, of three small rivers: the Hirnakshi, Bhimakshi, and Kosambi. The town is divided in two by the river, with the northern half known as "Gaam" (old town). Beyond Khedbrahma, the river is called Harnav, where it meets up with the Sabarmati river.

Lord Brahma's temple is joined by my other temples and shrines, perhaps most notably the temple of the goddess Amibika. Khedbrahma is said to be her birthplace. There is a Jain Temple of Mahavir, temples to Chamunda Mata, the goddess Xirambadevi, Bhrugunath Mahadev and other temples which serve the Adivasi population.

Khedbrahma is 122 km. from Ahmedabad, and 50 km. from Ambaji. A railway serves Khedbrahma and the local villages of Matoda, Radhivad, Agia, Derol, Metral, Poshina, etc. Throngs of devotees visit here from all parts of the world, most to visit the Ambaji temple.

According to the Padma Purana Khedbrahma is an ancient Tirtha that was originally known as Brahmpur, during the Satya Yuga. It was also known as Agnikhet in Treta yuga, Hiranyapur in Dwarpa yuga, and Talukhet in Kali Yuga. The great sage Bhrugu Rsi is said to have written his Bhrugu Samhita at Khedbrahma, while sitting on the river bank near Kshirajamba Mataji temple.

Ancient Brahma Shrine, Khedbrahma

This ancient temple at Khedbrahma is said to have been established when a local farmer found a murti of Lord Brahma while working his fields. The temple of Lord Brahma was built here afterwards. The temple is situated in the middle of the town of Khedbrahma. Nearby is the asrama of Bhrugu Rishi, who performed tapas here for 24 years at the Brahmadev temple. An ancient stepped well is located by Lord Brahma's temple, and is still in use today.

The Puratan Brahmakshetra states that many Digambar temples were also present in this locality. An inscription of Samvat 1256 is found in the ancient Aditi Vav. Many political powers have come to reign, and been overtaken by others in this place. The current Jain temple is said to have been built 500 years ago.

Lord Brahma