Cultural Marxism Explained


Cultural Marxism Explained in Less than 8 Minutes

Why should leaders of ISKCON be interested in this subject? Throughout the history of the world, many theories and ideologies opposing Krsna's Vedic world view have sprung up. To defeat them acaryas have studied the purva-paksa (opposing view) and then defeated it. For example, Kumārila Bhaṭṭa, in order to defeat Buddhism, pretended to be a Buddhist and attended a Buddhist university in order to learn all their arguments and then systematically defeated it. Ramanuja and Madhvacarya did the same to Advaita. Srila Prabhupada studied and attacked both Communism and Darwinism and had his disciples do the same.

Cultural Marxism is even more dangerous than Communism because, as you will understand after watching the video, it has also negatively influenced some of ISKCON's leaders.

After watching this video you will then understand where ideologies like Political Correctness and Feminism came from and why the mainstream media in India bashes the majority Hindu population. This video was made from a Western perspective but the same principles can be applied to India. For example where they mention Christianity substitute Vedic/Hindu.

There are many other sources available on the Internet for those who seek more information.