Hearing and Remembering Krishna


It Simply Comes Down to Chanting, Hearing and Remembering Krishna

WE must read, chant, read, chant… do bhajan for the heart, kirtan for the soul.… if we do not……

If we do not read… and when I say read, I don't mean words on a page… I mean read the life giving, internal yearning of our dear spiritual master... If we don't read and deepen our sadhana we will fall into many types of maya. Sentimental maya is one, and it manifests in many ways, such as throwing oneself off a stage and crowd surfing. This is happening because we do not read with the heart. And if we read at all, we read with the mind and a little, very little intellect. So what happens, our misguided sentiment manifests in giddy, frenzied, imitation punk rasa, which can rightly be called prakrita sahajia, because it focuses on the body as a source of enjoyment.

While associating with Krishna in the form of His Name, such nonsense is displayed… To be tickled to death, a so-called sannyasi will allow hundreds of fingers, male and female to probe his body, while proclaiming ecstatic symptoms of ecstasy. This is bodily enjoyment only. It has nothing to do with real spiritual rasa, which is clearly defined in the shastras, Caitanya-caritamrta and just everywhere in all of Srila Prabhupada's books.

And what is the message being broadcast to all those frenzied youngsters in the crowd? "One day I can be on stage too, and that will be me up there, leading the kirtan and throwing myself off the stage. I can have everyone below worshipping me." That's how we are training these young people? That's the people we want to have take over this movement? Those that think that this abhorrent behavior is spiritual ecstasy? It is frightening to think of what this Hare Krishna movement will look like in even 2 or 3 generations! I'm gasping, choking and fearful.

It is one thing if some bhakta punkers, rock star wanna be youngsters are throwing themselves into the crowd… We did some pretty outrageous stuff like that as new bhaktas also (which Prabhupada stopped by the way)… but it is quite another thing when 70ish year old men are throwing themselves into the crowd and surfing… oh this my guru, a sannyasi… my GBC crowd surfing… please, give me a break. How desperate can you be to allow all those foreign fingers unrestricted probing… this is so sad. How can the other GBCs and sannyasis not be absolutely floored. How can they think that this is the way to represent Srila Prabhupada…. at any age? He stopped us in our Road Show when we were all 20ish… "no more" was his response.

Where the hell will we be if these low modes of base behavior are allowed to flourish into the future? Anything goes, I guess. The leaders have lost control of the leaders, and those leaders have simply lost control. Scary. No wonder Badrinarayan Swami wrote a sixteen-page "Who are we, and where are we going", referring to ISKCON.

This display is not the path to Vraj… I guarantee that! The pure sentiment of the Vrajavasi is in sudha-sattva… pure goodness… it is pure sentiment with not a trace of passion and ignorance. As sentiment is displayed in this world, such as the crowd surfing phenomena, this is perverted sentiment, distorted by the mode of passion and ignorance, performed for the performers and the audiences pleasure only….It's like a twisted, distorted rasa dance. But Krishna is not amused in the least. He is not affected by it, because He is in the pure goodness… and all of His associates are also in pure goodness. So to amuse Krishna, frst you have to be in the pure mode of goodness… sudha sattva… then you can express your pure sentiments appropriately, internally. Not with this material body. This is gross prakrita sahajiya… material sense gratification stirred by crowd frenzy… prakrita sahajiyato be sure. Sahajiya actually means, if you read Prabhupada's books, "being easy with Krishna". It is a sweetness and feeling comfortable with Krishna. But prakrta sahajiya is something else… something that should be avoided.

Frankly, I do not see how any Prabhupada disciple could be OK with this…

I believe, that they can get away with this because we are too apathetic… they know there are those who dislike them already… there are those who don't care… there are those they will attract, and there are those that will worship them no matter how they behave.

Blindness is no excuse, because hearing is more powerful… so read and hear, chant and hear…. Do not use your eyes.

Does anyone have any care about this? Does everyone think this is OK? Am I just some ol fuddy duddy, stick in the mud, not with it, etc., etc.? I would like to hear from you, either support or condemn… I would like to know…