Our Goal is the Science of Self-realisation

BY: CAITANYA DAS - 16.3 2018

Picking up on some of the thoughts of Govinda Prabhu and his article focusing on our attempt to bring science and theological thinking together. H.H. Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami is of course, well known in this field, and in one of his publications he features the thoughts of Nobel Laureate in Physics at Cambridge University, U,K.B.D. Josephson. His thoughts are, "what would a science look like which had God in there playing a part accounting thereby for particular phenomena"?

Of course, we know that Srila Prabhupada had indicated the perfection and purpose of science is to show clearly the influence of Divinity at every stage, consciousness, its origins, how it devolved, how it's influenced by subtle and gross matter through the modes of nature as well as action and reactions whilst acting independently of Divinity.

The mechanistically driven Darwinism points only to biological combinations and laws of Physics, somehow coming about by chance events. Natural selection, they think, drives these events… determinism with no control outside of physics. However, free will and determinism is the mixture that brings order and chaos to the material world, because of the numerous actions and reactions that automatically take place under the supervision of the celestial world. This intelligent arrangement is not accounted for by modern Darwinism. The biological science is a far more difficult world to convince the physicists of, who are more able to grasp perhaps the multiple energies of Divinity.

If, for instance, a person is looking mechanistically at the Earth from a somehow powerful telescope from Mercury, he may see a house being built. He would witness all external events, bricks moving, muscles pumping , oxygen flowing, nerve impulses, electronic signals etc,, etc. He may calculate that he understands quite clearly what's going on, but his conclusions based on the mechanics of what he views is incomplete, because he has not taken into account the intelligence that is involved in the event viewed. Likewise, modern science wants to eliminate the possibility of the Divine intelligence in the material universes, but this of course is illogical.

The question arises, how is Divinity able to influence events in matter? We understood Krishna , in His original form as the Supreme Enjoyer does not need to directly apply Himself to this business, but indirectly of course He does.

B.D. Josephson proposes that perhaps the world of Quantum science could be a useful way of understanding how the intermediary energies connect with the Divine and Material. His thoughts are interesting to consider:

1) physical reality— subjective experience 
2) classical physics— world of sensory experience 
3) quantum physics— celestial worlds
4 unmanifest Order —transcendental world and experience

Further, in his thinking he unites religious thought only by its mystic qualities, and not of course by the moral and ethical codes, but more by a complete change of consciousness. In our thinking, brahman, paramatma or Bhagavan, this shows really as Srila Prabhupada said, Krishna consciousness is the science of self-realisation. We are not interested in religion per se ,or even Varnashram. Our goal is the science of self-realisation, and a complete change of consciousness.