Bhaktipada Divine Master Beautiful Lesson 1

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In This Lesson We Hear From His Divine Grace Srila Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada, Who, The Real Demons Are! In This Regard Websites Such As The Sampradaya Sun (main culprit) Have No Credibility At All. Much Of Their Journalistic Whit Is Simply Sensationalist Propaganda Or "Spin" Without Any Real Credible Evidence, Often Scribed Long After The Event, Without Giving Their Charge Any Real Opportunity To Dispute Their Diatribe, So Lets Do These People The Same Courtesy ! TO PUT SOME BALANCE BACK INTO THE DIATRIBE WRITTEN ABOUT SRILA BHAKTIPADA OVER THE YEARS, YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED TO HEAR THAT SOME MEMBERS OF ISKCON (thats right) CONSPIRED WITH UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO BRING DOWN BHAKTIPADA ...WHICH THEY DID ! LETS HEAR FROM SRILA BHAKTIPADA ABOUT THAT.