Bhaktipada Divine Master Beautiful Lesson 4

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This Interfaith Discussion/Lesson Is Particularly Devastating For Those, Jealous Of Srila Bhaktipadas Interfaith Program. Srila Bhaktipada Captured The Essence Of Sanatana Dharma And Sought To Make The Krishna Consciousness Movement More Easily Accessible, Rather Than The Drivel That Has Been Written By Jealous People About His Interfaith Program. Srila Bhaktipadas Interfaith Program Was Well Within The Boundries Of Keeping The Tradition In Essence Of Vaisnavism, And Also, In Attempting To Please His Spiritual Master His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. I would Like To Leave You To Ponder Something In This Regard That Srila Bhaktipada Once Said To Me, And That Is, ..."Prasadam, Simply Has To Be Vegetarian, It Does Not Have To Be Indian!"
Thank You Srila Bhaktipada Thank You.