Guru Prasad Swami

Guru Prasad Swami was born in the USA and studied nuclear physics at Purdue University. During his military service in Panama when this encounter with ISKCON. Upon concluding his military service Guru Prasad Swami joined a pioneering group of Krishna devotees in Central America stationed in San José, Costa Rica. He attended the 1976 Mayapur-Vrindavan festival and was initiated by Srila Prabhupada there. He received sannyasa initiation in Rio de Janiero in Brazil in 1982.
He became the temple president of Costa Rica temple in 1978, and then began traveling around Latin America, opening new temples. In 1987 he became a member of the GBC with zonal assignments in the Tucson area of Arizona, and Mexico. He is co-zonal secretary for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Trinidad, Tobago and Venezuela.

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