How to Live, How to Die : Socrates, Christ and Krishna - 1/4

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Hanumat Presaka Swami grew up in California and graduated in psychology from the niversity of California in 1970, with a minor in biology and electrical engineering.During his doctoral studies at Chicago's Northwestern University,Convinced that Western knowledge could be complimented by a deep study of Oriental wisdom headed to east.Shortly thereafter, he took his vows as a brahmacari, novice monk, from Srila A.C.Bhakti vedanta Swami and reconfirmed those vows as a sanyasin (life long monk) in 1984Hanumat Presaka Swami is presently General Secretary for NIOS (North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies) in Tennessee and a regular lecturer with the Institute for Classical Oriental & Occidental Studies at the highly esteemed Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru.