ISKCON Guruvayur, Goloka Retreat - video gallery

Not just a temple, though a temple it is. According to the Vedic culture, temples are more than just places of worship. They are universities of spiritual learning as well as centers of spiritual art and culture. In order to appreciate God and His personality, His Holy Names, His holy abodes, the worship of His Deity form  and most importantly our own relationship with Him, a person needs to be educated in the science of spirituality and devotion. ISKCON's Guruvayur project is a devotional effort to establish such an educational and cultural center as an offering to the enlightened people of Kerala. The first phase, viz. the Goloka Retreats stay facility is completed and fully functional. Phase Two, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Guest House, Yoga Studio, Vedic library and Academy/Learning center. Phase Three Meditation Hall, Vedic Samskara Hall, Temple, Meditation Hall and Narayaneeyam Museum.   Web site:     Picture gallery >>

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