Woodstock Hare Krishna festival in Poland 2001 - 4/4

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Krishna-kripa Das

Hare Krishna devotees perform congregational chanting of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra throughout the site of the Polish Woodstock festival two days before that three-day festival. Then they perform each day for the next four days the spiritual festival know as Ratha-yatra which has been observed for thousands of years in India. This involves pulling a decorated cart bearing deity forms of Lord Krishna, His brother Balarama, and His sister, Subhadra. Many onlookers sang, danced, and helped pull the cart, and thus became eligible for spiritual perfection, even unknowingly. The day after, some friends and I gave the people returning home from Woodstock one last chance to participate by singing and dancing at the train station, Dworzec PKP, as they awaited their trains.