Sridhara Swami

In Sridhar Swami`s life, Srila Prabhupada`s sparked a thirty-five-year spiritual journey that began far from its ending point in holy India. Sridhar Swami described himself as a shy person before coming to Krsna consciousness. Born John Colcleugh in 1948 in Vancouver, Canada, his quest for spiritual understanding led him, in 1969, from engineering school to a Sunday feast at the Frederick Street San Francisco Krsna temple. The first person he met at the door was a kind and energetic devotee named Jayananda Dasa. Since it was early in the day, Jayananda invited his young guest to vacuum the rug and help in the kitchen. By the end of the evening, John was ready for more.

He moved in to the San Francisco ashram to begin his study of Srila Prabhupada`s Bhagavad-gita As It Is. Later, he transferred to the fledgling Krsna center in his native Vancouver. In 1970 he returned to San Francisco for the Rathayatra festival and met Srila Prabhupada for the first time. John was deeply impressed and, having completed the required training, was initiated by Srila Prabhupada as Sridhar Das Brahmacari. His Holiness Sridhar Swami left this world on March 14, 2004, it was on his terms--in holy Mayapur, surrounded by loving Vaisnavas, and just after he`d helped install Sri Panca-tattva with his dearest Godbrothers and friends.