Jiva tattva - from Narasimha Maharaja

Q. Are some souls created weak, and thus meant to fall down into material existence? Does Krishna put these weak souls into suffering and then make them take the blame for their own condition?

A. The baddha jiva (bound soul) who is implicated in anadi (beginingless) karma is part and parcel of Krishna, not a completely independent being. Can Krishna be blamed for doing something to himself when no one other than him exists in the first place? This is lila, which is not subject to reason. Play transcends reason, yet if you become a conscious member of his play you will understand. As I said in a previous Sanga: “We have nothing to say in the matter. Any objection is based on the illusion that we are independent from God.”

Otherwise, it is Maha Visnu who desires to become many and thus manifests as the baddha jiva. It is said that the jiva is conditioned because of Visnu’s proximity and relationship with maya. To remedy the problem resulting from his involvement with maya arising from his desire to become many, he enters the world of maya (as the avatara) and saves the baddha jiva.