Bhakta Program, Devotee care, guiding

In recent years, devotees have done some intense work in the area of education of devotees and congregation members. The main parts of this program are the bhakta-program, the brahmacari training, the ladies´ training and devotees´ cultivation for accepting a spiritual master and initiation. All devotees live in the temple during the courses. Everything starts with the bhakta program, i.e. with an intense three-month training in bhakti-yoga. This includes basic sadhana elements plus the study of philosophy, practical devotional service, everyday harinamas, magazine distribution and living among devotees. The course-graduates get a chance to be accepted for the brahmacari or ladies training which is basically a several year-study depending on the individual capacity of a student. Students are taught the rules of brahmacarya and vaisnava etiquette. They study philosophy and memorize verses. The education includes the art of book distribution as well as the training of preachers. The program has been elaborated in accordance with the principles of Vedic education. The ambition of the department is to train strong, self-dependent and responsible vaisnavas who know how to live according to the principles given by Srila Prabhupada, and to train brahmanas and preachers. Another goal is to ensure that devotees are situated properly in devotional service on the basis of their qualities and natural propensities. Thus, they can be happy and satisfied, living in Krishna consciousness.