Thousands of women follow the Hare Krishna teachings and practices in every country, all over the world. Some live near temples and some don’t, so their lives vary accordingly. In India alone, millions of women maintain an altar in their home as they tend to their families.

Some of the single women living in the ashram go out to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books, especially at colleges. They set up a book table on campus, and students stop by to hear about topics such as bhakti-yoga and reincarnation. The ladies enjoy explaining Krishna’s philosophy to them, and many students are eager to learn more.

A number of dedicated women have dressed the deities, offered them arati, and cooked for them for many years.

But service to Krishna is not limited to temple-related activities. Thousands of women all over the world, while engaged in their professions and occupations, serve the Lord, keeping Krishna as the center of their lives. Many of these women—both inside and outside the temple community—are great examples by which I am able to understand pure devotion to Lord Krishna.