Siddha Krsnadas Babaji

Kṛṣṇa dāsa Bābājī Mahārāja (18th century), often Romanized Krishna das Babaji or similar, was a Vaishnava guru from Govardhana. His birth name isBatakṛṣṇa Kanango, and he is popularly known as Siddha Baba of Govardhana.

His father was Sanatana Kanango, of kanana caste. His mother was Jari, daughter of Mangaraja. He was taught bhajan by Vaishnava Carana dasa Babaji, from the lineage of Narottama Dasa. He initiated Jagadananda Goswami and Madhusudana dasa Babaji. A festival is held on April 25 to commemorate his disappearance.

There are many witnesses to a number of events which demonstrated the perfection achieved in bhajan by Siddha Krishna Das Babaji. On one occasion he was meditating on the pastime of the colour sports of Holi. In his meditation body he was by the side of Radha. This meditation body had become completely coated with coloured powders and paints, saffron and musk, etc. When he came out of his hut in a state which bordered on the external, all the Vaishnavas saw that he was covered with the colours of Holi and perceived an unearthly fragrance of musk, etc., coming from him.

On another occasion, Radha and Krishna had just finished playing water games in Manasi Ga n ga. Lalita, Visakha and the other sakhis were beside them on the shore dressing them and doing their toilet. Rupa Manjari and others were supplying the different paraphernalia which they needed. Siddha Baba also stood by with a phial of perfume, waiting to be called upon. As he listened to the joking of the beloved, he lost sensation in his body and the phial slipped from his hand. The delicious fragrance of the perfume pervaded the atmosphere, and all the Vaishnavas who had come to bathe in Manasi Ga nga could smell it. When someone asked him what it was, he answered, ashamed as though guilty, "What can I tell you, brother? I am an offender, I have no qualifications for service. I dropped a bottle of perfume which was meant for the pleasure of the dear one and his beloved. That is what you people can smell."