Garga Samhita


Garga Samhita ("The narrations of Garga") is a book written by the sage Garga and deals with the life of Krishna. This Garga Samhita is different from the astrological treatise with the same name Garga Samhita. Only fragments of the astrological text with the name Garga samhita is available; but the whole of the devotional text with the name Garga Samhita mentioned here is available.

The several "khanda" or chapters of the book are :

  • Goloka-khanda
  • Vrndavana-khanda
  • Giriraja-khanda
  • Madhurya-khanda
  • Mathura-khanda
  • Dvaraka-khanda
  • Visvajit-khanda
  • Balabhadra-khanda
  • Vijnana-khanda
  • Asvamedha-khanda