BY: ISVARA DASA - 25.3 2019

NEW BOOK RELEASE: Pauranic Charitavali - Legends of the Puranas

It is with great joy we present our latest publication, Pauranic Charitavali – Legends of the Puranas. The book chronicles the lives of Vedic Puranic sages and kings who have molded the lives of humanity since the beginning of creation.

The Purāṇas contain accounts of the oldest histories known to humankind – accounts that stem from the creation itself. The Purāṇas are not like Western historical records. In the West we tend to record history as if it were a linear event – it started at some point in the past and moved inevitably forward into the future – and we tell it as if it were the whole story, even though there are innumerable ways to look at and interpret these events. In Sanskrit such histories are called pauruṣeya, histories of a series of events in a human society meant to help people remember them. They are, in that sense, mundane records.

The Purāṇic record, by contrast, is called apauruṣeya, "derived from something beyond human experience." For this reason, although these histories too tell of events, we cannot always draw a direct line from past to present. The Purāṇas are records not only of events but of ancient teachings, sometimes from worlds beyond our own. They often follow the karmic cause and effect of actions, and so easily move from past to present to past again, and they are presented not so much for record-keeping but to move people from material bondage to spiritual liberation.

Who is a hero? In simple words, a person of distinguished courage or ability admired for his/her deeds and noble qualities. Then who is a legend? A Legend is a person who is extremely famous in his/her field whose glories and valour are celebrated through traditional stories coming down through time. Touchstone Media's 'Pauranic Caritavali' celebrates the glories of the true legendary heroes from the Puranas.

The Puranas herald the tales of heroes of different times since creation itself, with a tinge of philosophical teachings, inquiries and understandings with a reflection of the ancient era of the Legends, which in turn uplifts the consciousness of the readers or listeners, bringing them closer to the Absolute Reality. These timeless tales are potent enough to deepen one's consciousness, inspiring them to further lead a spiritual and pious life, serving and pleasing the Supreme Lord.

The urban legendary heroes of modern times are either the glamour celebrities, stars or the fictional heroes from the stories. Such heroes have an extremely short-lived strive to fame and they soon are forgotten, or they just perish. But the Legendary heroes whose tales have been narrated over generations can never perish but can have an exceedingly profound effect on the hearts of people. The tales of the Legendary Heroes like Bharata, Citraketu, Dadhici, Dusmanta, Parasara, Pulastya, Vasistha, Yayati and many more, have been vividly depicted here in 'Pauranic Caritavali'. In order to enable the reader to save time, the book has the narratives arranged in alphabetical order. These tales are authentic, courageous, imbued with conviction and determination, and above all suffused with devotion unto the Almighty. In order, to grow up, evolve into a virtuous and righteous person understanding and accepting the Almighty as everything, is mandatory.

Bhumipati Das and Isvara Das, Director of Touchstone Media teamed up to conceive, assemble and pen down this spectacular 'Pauranic Caritavali, Legends of the Puranas'. It took a total of 5 years of perseverance and hard-work to compile and present this book to the world. We urge the readers to gear up and take a plunge into the chronicles of the Legendary Heroes of the Puranas. The true heroes who would actually teach and guide the readers towards discovering and realizing the bonafide spiritual reality.

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