Challenging the Zonal Acarya System, Part 18

BY: SUN EDITORS - 2.6 2023

Page thirty-three

In the unhappy event that these necessary resolutions are not seriously considered by the Governing Body of Commissioners of the International Society for Krsna Consciousness, on grounds of disagreement as to their validity, or whatever, then we must demand opportunity to discuss (literally, to debate) on the issues of controversy. The debate should be held on a formal basis, according to Vedic convention, as detailed in sastra. It must be open to any initiated disciple of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who wishes to attend it, and it may be recorded. Equal time of presentation will strictly be observed, as well as complete restrictions on all eating, drinking of beverage, and curtailment of continuous debate in the form of leaving the assembly, etc. [-->]

The representatives of our points in this discussion will be Sriman Yasodanandan Maharaja, Sriman Pradyumna das Adhikari, and whoever else they wish to deliver the presentation with. The opposing viewpoints may be represented by specified GBC representatives. Our points and resolutions have been presented logically and clearly enough. If they are not heard, we feel no recourse but to demand debate – which is the sacred Vedic tradition. Anyone who is confident of the ultimate truths behind his conclusions will have no aversion in an invitation to debate, as those who are hiding behind the cloak of the motivated misconceptions sometimes do.


It is time to consider that a number of initiates of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada are not completely satisfied with this system of new guru worship. Most of these men have dedicated their entire life to Srila Prabhupada. We are not doubting the system that Srila Prabhupada has set up, but we are suggesting that a serious inquiry be conducted into the matter of preserving the purity of our movement, in accordance with guru, sastra, and sadhu.

If the current philosophical misconceptions which have gained entrance into this divine movement are allowed to develop further, it may soon become a compromise philosophy designed to get a mere following. This was the same suicidal mistake which the Christian religion made. There must be one standard only, and everyone must act in accordance with it and service to it. Sectarian spirit, a result of personality cults within an organization, is the great enemy of progress. It destroyed the Catholic Church. Systems based on reality (sastra) survive for thousands of years, until they veer off on tangents which then degenerate into apparent reality. Neglect of the tenets of the sastra will eventually jeopardize any guru's position in his rightful desire for total allegiance from his disciple.

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Our movement is not a business corporation, and position does not make a person a devotee. We beg that political considerations not be the basis of decision-making in this crucial issue. Otherwise, the purity of our movement will be hampered. While, on one hand, the Krsna Consciousness movement is expanding it's assets, bank accounts, opulences, propaganda, and manpower, there is another front which we see that it is not expanding progressively in. Srila Prabhupada did not compromise, and that's what attracted us originally. Purity is the force.

As we are compiling this presentation, Red China is readying an invasion of Vietnam which will increase world tensions. Iran's revolution has just tipped the balance of world power significantly. Now the United States will run out of oil all the quicker. This also means they will lose their huge food surplus, as it is also dependent on oil-based fertilizer. The so-called peace pact in the Middle East has proven to be a sham. Terrorist groups are striking everywhere, and sinful activities have increased worldwide at an alarming rate. The followers of the Vedas in India are looking for their savior in the form of the saktyavesa avatara who is scheduled in 1980 (according to Bhavisya Purana) while their astrologers tell them of foreboding nuclear war when the planets align in the late November of 1982. [-->]

From our perspective, we can understand that all of these disturbances are due to the disappearance of Srila Prabhupada from the face of this lonely outpost called the earth planet. The only thing which can save the situation, which is on the brink of chaos, is Lord Caitanya's movement. Our plea is that you please try to consider all of these points and try to see that Lord Caitanya's movement is not compromised in any way. Please design all that is thought, said, and done in this movement for the benefit of not only our insignificant selves, but also for the benefit of the future disciples, and for the benefit of the whole world. In this way, we shall attain the causeless mercy of Mahaprabhu and please Lord Krsna.