Cost of Silence II

BY: SANAKA RSI DAS - 26.2 2019


Almost two years ago the Cost of Silence documentary covered the extensive child abuse, both historic and current, that has plagued the the Hare Krishna movement, and the inadequate initiative of ISKCON’s leadership to tackle this pandemic.

Part Two looks at what’s happened since. How the the leadership responded to address this pervasive problem.

When the Cost of Silence first came out I hoped that raising awareness on the extent of the child abuse problem in ISKCON would motivate the devotee community to give careful consideration to the issue, and inspire some constructive changes; I never imagined there would be a need for a follow up…

Over the years I have repeatedly observed the GBC make decisions that were detrimental for child protection. But some recent developments that have unfolded in the last two years highlight the extent of their willFul disregard for the plight of the children. Two years ago, it may have been still possible to give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know the full extent of the child abuse problem. That perhaps they had been so busy and distracted with their cumbersome managerial responsibilities that the welfare of children had slipped out of their sphere of awareness... Unfortunately, today it is no longer possible to afford them this benefit.

As you watch the Cost of Silence II, you will see how the GBC have not only failed in their duty to protect the children, but also how they have gone a step further and knowingly placed them in harms way…

Watch the Cost of Silence II.