ISKCON Guru Sivarama Swami - Attacks ISKCON Gurus.

By editor - 28.10 2020

[PADA: OK so Sivarama swami is voted in as guru by -- the other GBC's "gurus." These are his co-gurus, and gurus who are the sum total of the demigods and God's spokesmen on earth. Yet he complains his co-gurus are making bogus statements and written resolutions. They are not consulting the shastra, nor consulting proper sadhus for reference. 

And this proves what? 

Hee hee, what we said all along, they are not gurus. Sivarama swami actually raises the right question, how can people who make bogus statements, and make bogus written resolution -- be gurus -- at all? And he says he has been arguing with the other GBC (gurus) for ten years now. 

So the gurus are residents of Krishna loka. Thus they are arguing with their other co-gurus, to prove that each other are -- bogus? This is really showing how badly they have misunderstood the post of guru. Guru is one, they have the same siddhanta. They are not fighting like cats and dogs among themselves.

Sivarama even quotes the May 28th tape, where Srila Prabhupada says they will act as ritvik acharyas after he departs. And the tape says when they deviate they will have to be replaced, therefore they are not diksha gurus. Moreover, Srila Prabhupada says they will be guru "when I order" -- which is not an order. 

Then Sivarama says 11 men were appointed as diksha gurus. Nope, he did not appoint anyone as guru. Anyway, it looks like their process is melting down more and more. Sivaram says he tries to follow the GBC, ummm, so when GBC members say that gurus engage in illicit sex with men, women and children, we have to accept that? He is not clear? 

Guru cat fights. Really? ys pd]