How Radharani Appeared as the Daughter of King Vrshabhanu

BY: SUN STAFF - 6.9 2019

Radharani shows sakhi Her family photos

From Sri Lalita Madhava by Rupa Goswami.

(Scene 1, with text numbers)

4 Gargi: What is this "sweet nectar?"

5 Paurnamasi: It is Brahma's words "O Mount Vindhya, to fulfil your desire you will have two daughters that will give you a son-in-law who will defeat Lord Siva and whose virtues will fill the world with wonder."

6 Gargi: Why did Mount Vindhya desire a daughter and not a son?

7 Paurnamasi: He had become the rival of king Himalaya, who is the father of Gauri and very proud of the opulence of his son-in-law, (Siva).

8 Gargi: He could not tolerate the glory of his own family. In ancient times He tried to defeat Mount Meru. He could not rise again after he bowed down to offer respects to Agastya Muni.

Note: Mount Vindhya grew taller and taller until he challenged even his relative, Mount Meru. Agastya Muni visited Mount Vindhya. The mountain bowed down to offer respects. Agastya asked Mount Vindhya to remain in that position until he returned. Agastya never returned and Vindhya could not raise his head again. In this way Mount Vindhya's pride was humbled.

9 Paurnamasi: Yes. The intelligent are like that.

10 Gargi: How did Radha go from Mount Vindhya to Gokula?

11 Paurnamasi: She was taken by Putana, the kidnapper of children.

12 Gargi: (with fear) Witches that steal children generally eat their victims. This girl is very fortunate to be saved.

13 Paurnamasi: O daughter, Kamsa ordered her to kill any extraordinary small boys and kidnap any small girls.

14 Gargi: Why did the king ask her to do those two things?

15 Paurnamasi: (He was pushed) by the words of Devaki's demigoddess daughter.

16 Gargi: What were those words?

17 Paurnamasi: She said to Kamsa: "This same person who in your previous birth severed your head with a cakra raised in battle, the same person who the sages know as He whose two lotus feet are worshipped by the demigods, the same person who pleases His loving devotees (by showering them) with oceans of the nectar of bliss, the same person who is the root from which the universe (has sprouted) has now appeared (in this world) at the time of the moon's rising."

18 She said: "Today or the day after, eight sublimely sweet saktis will appear on this earth. Two sisters, who are like great palaces of beautiful transcendental qualities, will also appear. When He defeats Siva, Lord Krsna, the king of kings, will accept the hand of both the girls (in marriage)."

19 Gargi: What happened to the second sister?

20 Paurnamasi: When Vindhya's chief priest chanted a demon-killing mantra, Putana's heart became struck with fear. As she was hastily flying over Vidarbha province the first of her victims dropped from her and fell into a river's current.

21 Gargi: My father (Sandipani Muni) is omniscient. Why then, has he said that, (as a result of) a benediction granted by Durvasa Muni, Srimati Radharani appeared from (King) Vrsabhanu's chest?

22 Paurnamasi: Requested by Brahma, Lord Hari's yogamaya potency removed these two infant girls from the wombs of the wives of Candrabhanu and Vrsabhanu and placed them in the womb of Vindhya's wife.

23 Gargi: (With astonishment) did the two fathers know what happened?

24 Paurnamasi: Certainly they understood. Why would Durvasa Muni not help them?

25 Gargi: How do you know all this?

26 Paurnamasi: (I learned this) by the mercy of my spiritual master's (Narada's) instructions, which have also made me attached to Radha.

27 Gargi: Is it true that when the witch Putana was killed you took Radha from her lap?

28 Paurnamasi: (I took) not only Radha, but five other girls also.

29 Gargi: Who were they?

30 Paurnamasi: They were 1. Radha's moon-faced friend Lalita, 2. Candravali's beautiful friend Padma, 3. Bhadra, who acts auspiciously, 4. auspicious Saibya, and 5. splendid and cheerful Syama.

31 Gargi: How were these girls placed among the gopis?

32 Paurnamasi: Swiftly and secretly I gave these five infant girls to five gopis in different parts (of Vrndavana). In a secret place I happily gave virtuous Radha to Yasoda's nurse, Mukhara, and said: "O elderly one, here is your son-in-law Vrsabhanu's daughter."

33 Gargi: This must be the way Radha's second close friend Visakha, appeared in Gokula (Vrndavana).

34 Paurnamasi: No. No. Jatila found her floating in the Yamuna.

35 Gargi: I did not know that. Who found the Vindhya's first daughter as she was floating in the river's current?

36 Paurnamasi: Bhismaka.