How to Focus the Lens of Your Mind: A Journey Inspired by Vedic Wisdom

By Jayaprakash Ramsaran - 13.11 2023

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding focus and maintaining it can be quite a challenge. Our minds tend to wander, distractions abound, and the demands of modern life can easily pull us in various directions. But fear not, for within the depths of Vedic wisdom and ancient scriptures lie valuable insights on how to hone the lens of your mind, enabling you to direct your attention and remain steadfast on your goals.

1. The Power of Focus in Vedic Teachings:
The concept of focus is deeply ingrained in Vedic philosophy, as evident in the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. These teachings emphasize the importance of having a one-pointed mind. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna advises Arjuna to maintain a single-pointed intelligence. When your focus is scattered, your mind becomes like a tree with countless branches, wandering in endless directions. The goal is to bring your mind to a single, important focus.

2. You Have the Power to Focus:
Vedic wisdom emphasizes that the power of focus is within your reach. Your conscious self can decide what to focus on, and your ability to do so is one of your main assets. It is a matter of practice and discipline. You are not a passive observer; you can actively choose what deserves your focus.

3. Knowing Your Priorities:
The first step in mastering the art of focus is to recognize your priorities. What is most important in your life? Once you have clarity on this, you can direct your attention to it, keeping your goals at the forefront.

4. Consistency and Discipline:
Consistency is the backbone of focus. Create routines that align with your goals and stick to them, even when motivation wanes. Discipline yourself to follow these routines, as it is the consistent effort over time that leads to success.

5. The Distraction Dilemma:
The word “distraction” is intriguing because it contains both “attraction” and “distraction.” Often, we lose focus on what truly matters due to alluring distractions. Remember the Vedic wisdom that encourages you to find your main desire, your “kalpavriksa tree,” and focus on it.

A Journey to the Kalpavriksa Tree:
To understand the power of focus, we embark on a journey to the mystical “kalpavriksa tree” – a tree that fulfills any desire. As you sit under the tree, you become aware of your consciousness and the freedom to direct your attention.
Amidst the multitude of desires, choose one that holds a special place in your heart. Offer it to the kalpavriksa tree, signifying its significance.

Hold Your Desire Like a Flower: This chosen desire is like a delicate flower. You hold it up as an offering to the tree, expressing its paramount importance in your life.

Bring It Back: After making your offering, place this desire, your flower, in your pocket. It serves as a reminder of what you cherish most in life.

Return with a New Perspective: Having made your offering and set your focus, you return from your meditative journey with a fresh perspective on your desires and priorities.

As we conclude our journey to the kalpavriksa tree, remember that where your attention goes, your energy flows. You have the power to choose where you direct your focus, and you are free to move in any direction you desire. You can transcend the limitations of your mind by cultivating focus and setting your sights on your most cherished goals.

In the vast landscape of your conscious self, learn to pinpoint your focus and unlock the immense power of your mind. The wisdom of the Vedas reminds us that we are not captives of our thoughts but sovereigns of our attention. With clarity of purpose and disciplined focus, you can turn your desires into reality, just as the kalpavriksa tree fulfills wishes.

So, the next time you find your attention drifting, remember this ancient journey to the kalpavriksa tree and bring your focus back to the path that leads to your heart’s deepest desires.