ISKCON, A Political Reform Movement

BY: CAITANYA DAS - 31.1 2020

A person, especially who strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups.

The above Definition applies to a populist.

Are Hare Krishna people Populists, in the sense that they strive to educate people as to how elite groups of scientists and extreme capitalists have artificially imposed lifestyles and values on an innocent population, generation after generation implicating them in materialism and ignorance of the science of consciousness and how satisfaction and happiness is achieved?

For instance, 120 million pounds paid by British businessmen were secretly pumped into scientific organisations who are paid to deny the environmental issues are a problem for mankind. That's along with the millions of dollars by oil producing states, and corporations who do much the same worldwide. It's also not too difficult to find corporate companies than fund universities who promote the Darwinian model as "fact based".

Make no mistake, we are in the hands of demonic influence. Are the Hare Krishna people meeting with enough intellectuals in science and economics who know of the cheating, and are they desirous of forming alliances with them? Alliances, at least in the sense that they appreciate our outlook, understand some of our philosophy, science and political views on world events. Or is it the case that today's Hare Krishna people, particularly in the west, who are mostly congregation members and very much slot into western value systems don't really see a need for much change?

Although a modern population due to social media are becoming aware of issues like exploitation of the environment, most have no clue as to how society could be made fairer and less of a struggle, as financial elites control the money supply and assets as well as the social media to whom people get their so-called news.

Facebook, although purporting to be a people's union, is a big corporate affair but with huge influence that many intellectuals who are conscious of the consciousness of the population are concerned about. The repercussions of Facebook's founding members' political views bring many intellectuals to believe it should be broken up. free market economics should mean Facebook should not have the rights to buy out opponents, e.g., WhatsApp, etc., or carry over influence through biased media projects that bring billions of dollars to its directors.

We should be convinced that the introduction of our political systems, which appear a well balanced approach bringing social mobility, spiritual education and financial security for all classes, along with a free market economy with degrees of protectionism and workers rights plus protection for other hard working businesses who are under threat by major corporate groups, will be appealing to many. We just have to set clear directives and stake our claim, ultimately based on the principal of appointments of the right persons who are qualified by Vedic standards, i.e., displaying the qualities of leadership or in advisory roles.

The Hare Krishna people must remain at the cutting edge and be relevant, not middle-aged fellows with middle of the road values that fit pretty comfortably into the values and lifestyles of western so-called democracies, that see no issues that badly need calling out.

In today's world it is commonly understood that assets are held in the hands of the few and not by fair means, so-called free market economics have engineered a feudal system, a deliberate policy. And especially after the banking crash of 2008, when bankers went to the USA president, telling him to print one trillion dollars before the day was out or the world economies would implode, causing more devastation than any tyrant in history could ever have done. Too big to fail banks and financial sectors being the cause of the crash, with government acting as their insurance policies, but has anything changed?

Incidentally, not one of the bankers or institutions like accounting firms or traders were ever prosecuted, but rather the Governments of the worlds protected them and enhanced their assets by boosting the stock markets, keeping interest rates low, allowing properties to increase in price, and pricing out the next generation of the young who aspire to own property. After all, banks were the main lenders to the housing market. A correction in asset prices would spell disaster for them, high house prices being a way for them to recoup their losses after the crash, existing property owners sitting comfortably, benefiting along with crooked bankers.

They were protected at the cost of the poor and the younger generations who slave to afford to buy a house, signing up for huge mortgages from bankers.

When Greece joined the European union, although they were farmers mostly, the majority of the people owned their own house and had little debt. It was the European Union that lent the Greeks money to buy German, French and English goods that they really did not need. The rest is history, as the Greeks became corrupted and bankrupt. This is crooked capitalism at its worst, yet many devotees think the European Union is a wonderful organisation.

The problem for the Hare Krishna movement is, its main donors quite like this crooked capitalism and have learned to benefit from it. So when simple living and high thinking projects are promoted by devotees in yatras, or there's critical thinking of the western values, it may not hold sway for the leading managers who are paid and supported by the Hindu community. We must consider that most of the Hindu community see nothing wrong in the system as it stands, and are quite happy to rub shoulders with those who advocate exploitation of the many, including the environment, to suit a small group -- economic development at any cost.

Srila Prabhupada was a social reformer who spoke strongly on many issues of both spiritual and material affairs of the political world, but today's ISKCON is another world, where we are quiet as mice. Maybe we should take a page out of Greta Thunberg's book. My goodness me, she calls a spade a spade.

Come on ISKCON...
We are a spiritual movement and a political reforming movement.
We do not separate spiritual and material.

Although not directly involved in politics, our business is to direct and advise on the benefits of a perfect political system. We do not decry all aspects of civilisation and understand how society changes. Technology can take you to heaven or hell; it's the genuine brahminical influence that's required to balance all things for all the people and creatures of the world. Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, along with intelligent presentations with relevant understandings, suited for all times and all places that ISKCON should be offering.

So we should understand the importance of ISKCON, and it's involvement in all affairs. Nothing is outside of Krishna and Krishna the Supreme Intelligence within and outside the universe knows the best policy for all, and will give all intelligence to his surrendered servants.