Learn Their Future Grand Plan For Control Thru 5G Towers - Part 1

By editor - 2.9 2022

The first generation wireless 1G was voice. The second generation 2G allowed both Talk and Text. The third generation 3G, the internet in the limited way, and today’s technology 4G completed that digital migration. But if anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5G is gonna to become run the other way. The more I know, the more I realise how little I actually know :

I have to tell the people, 5G is a killer. I am Mark Steele. Anybody who hasn’t heard of me, I am a weapons systems head of display expert. One of the leading experts in the world.  I’ve actually brought cover and relation to this. The reason I became an expert was because I invent them. What I’m gonna say here today, do not believe a single word I say.

You’ll find that the facts are terrifying. Pattention to what is really going on! Pay attention to the internet of things, what it is, what its doing, where its going. Pay attention to the automation, pay attention to the 5g towers that are still going up everywhere.

Wireless radiation has biological effects. These effects are seen in all life forms. Plants, animals, insects, microbes. In humans we have clear evidence of cancer now. There is no question. Its very important that people always look at both sides and as positive as what the right hand is offering you. Always to pay attention to what the left hand is doing. Just because a lot of people think something is right, doesn’t make it right. Just because a lot of people think something is good, doesn’t mean that it’s good.

It will be impossible to exist in a city or to walk outside without being exposed. There’s gonna be a cell tower in front of every few houses, and this means that your personal choices, whether or not you personally use a cell phone or hold it 10 inches away from your head. That cannot escape you from your radiation exposure.

This is not a random series of events that brought us to this point even when you look at technology, civilisation, industry, the rise of technology. None of these has been random, none of it has been simply a matter of cause. Simply man inventing things and connecting the dots and moving to the next practical thing. All of it has been done by design, what is actually coming. Its about to become a very, very different world for us.

Its this very disruptive technology, very disruptive and as much as its going to disrupt the way we live our normal lives. If we allow it to be rolled out, if we abide by the parameters that the government is putting in place with this technology, you know by around 2030, well, talking it will be complete, everyone is gonna be in a complete lockdown. And the kids, as I’ve said so many times, the kids that are growing up through the system now, will have no reference point for what the world once was.

They’ll have no reference point for what freedom even possibly look like. They simply won’t have the concept of it, because it won’t be anything they’ve ever experienced. And with 5G… I mean, what people need to understand with it, is that its all military-grade technology. Its not just about monitoring, its not just about social crediting, its not just about surveillance, it’s also about crowd control. It’s about mood control (mind control).

Its about emotional control. so many us patents, so many patents that show the incredible amount of psychological manipulation you can do through electromagnetic radio waves. and not just psychological control but also I mean, its control at all levels you can think of, folks.

Its right across the spectrum. We’ve seen experiments with M.I.T where they’ve injected nanotechnology into rats, know by now that it switched the genes of the rats on and off using radio waves to operate the nanotechnology.

You think about what’s in the chemical spraying that goes on in the sky, the nanotech in all the foods, I mean… we re being set up in a big way, ladies and gentlemen. and the manipulation that comes through this 5g system is profound. its way beyond what many people are considering. You have the capability of manipulating vast sections of population, targeted areas of population, or targeting people individually, targeting crops individually.

The thing about nanotech it’s in everything. so anything that the nanotech is in, can be manipulated through this 5g system, and the nanotech is in everything.

They spray the nanotech in the skies (chem-trails), they put nanotech in the food, they emit what we flush down through our drains, in our own homes! gets passed on down through the water systems so you see this in the food chain. there are nanotech in the food that we are eating and nanotech in the stock that we re washing down the drains and, of course, it ends up in the river system, it ends up in the fish, ends up in the algae, ends up in everything.

With all the stuff they’re feeding us about, fast communications and good downloads, and good connection speeds and all of these sort of stuff.

That’s the secondary application of all of it, or even the third application of all of it, because ultimately, this is military grade technology, and what its about is control and ultimately, yeah, its a surveillance system and a weapon system. You can have people on the surveillance and then you can weaponise it and target certain individuals for elimination or whatever, heart attack, cancers. (they have demontrated it in china) whatever you wanna do to them. You just gotta look at it, folks, and think well.

How much can you trust your government? Can you really trust these people? Look what they’ve done to the world so far, and that’s who is rolling the system out, apparently for our benefit.

When you look at the internet, you look at what its become, its becoming … something that we never wanted. I mean, we wanted the internet there so we can have access to information, we could have fast communication with each other. But now its becoming a digital barrier between us and reality. It’s becoming something we must interface with in order to access the real world around us and all of our information is being removed from us and put onto what they’re calling ‘cloud computing’ now. They’re even saying that soon you won’t be able to get hard drives for you machine because you won’t need hard drives, because everything will be on the cloud. That means is that it doesn’t exist any more, it’s up there, in cyberspace, and you don’t actually have access to it on your own computer, so you cant have access to your own things, at anytime.

We already have people that uploaded their photos to video host programs and then suddenly they get locked out and they need to verify who they are in order to access their own stuff. I  mean, this is ridiculous, folks! They do all these sort of stuff and then because you’ve changed location for the day, and so we don’t think you’re who you are, so we need access to all your devices and your cell phones to try and track you and triangulate you, and get everything we can on you, before we can let you have access to your own things again. That’s  what they do and they call it security. It’s not keeping you safe, it’s keeping tabs on you and making sure they can lock you out at any opportunity and they’re just kinda showing you that they can do that, and you are agreeing with it by going along with it.

And when you got kids that are growing up into this system and everything they do is online, and everything they know is online. All their bank accounts, their shopping, their friends, their Instagram, all their connections to everything, the electricity bill, it s all online. And even their car keys and their access to their house becomes digital. Then any threat of being locked out of that, is going to stand as a major obstacle to these people ever thinking for themselves, in their lives. You know, you imagine what it would be like, you start to question the governments actions, you start to speak out about vaccines, you start to speak out about anything that means something to you.

And suddenly you find yourself locked out of the system. Suddenly you cant access your stuff, because none of your stuff is here, in the real world, anymore. It’s all been moved into the virtual world. We are removing our access to everything around us by creating this digital interface between us and the real world, and any threat of being locked out of that interface, is gonna be a totally complete system of absolute control. That’s how you get people, folks. You get them addicted to the tech and you make the tech essential in their lives and then any threat of being locked out of that tech, makes these people walk between the lines and these people would do anything. The pals who believe they’d be told what to do. And that might seem a bit like a drastic scenario, to be outlying, but its true, folks.

Because we wont have access to all the things we normally do if we don’t comply by the rules of the government tells us. Simply because we’ve transferred everything we normally do into a virtual world. And the virtual world is not the real world. And when you transfer real life items into the virtual world, you lose them. And this is what we re doing with everything. And it isn’t even a matter of choice. We’re just being led this way and most people don’t even notice what’s happening. The internet is becoming the most important thing in the human experience, because it controls every thing else in the human experience. That’s where the choice is, that’s where the choice lies. The choice lies with us every day by what we do with that which is available to us and how we choose to operate in the real world.

And as I’ve often said, folks, I don’t own a credit card and I don t take a Smartphone with me anywhere. When I go out, I don’t do any of that stuff so you don’t need to have these devices. I can post all these clips to YouTube. I can watch all the other video clips that people post. I  can watch all the other video clips that people post. I can do all this things. I can even access social media and do all those things, all without having a Smartphone. So we really need to think about the choices we are making. The decision is with us and has always been with us. And you’re agreeing with it by going along with it.

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The conclusions Mark Steele makes are pretty interesting in that he touches on the power of the mind and senses to overpower our intelligence which makes us take things for real which are not. Anything stored on the gadgets is only there if the battery is full and can only be accessed if they let you.

The illusion is a double whammy. First the material world is a reflection of the spiritual world, so it is real but temporary in the sense that because the spiritual world is real and eternal, the material world appears to be real. Secondly, in the DREAM WORLD of the “antisocial” media, worldwideweb  world is that people actually HAPPILY DREAM they are having friends, are liked, are beautiful and lead an exciting virtual life.

Lets take for example photos. In actuality they have only taken a reflection of the illusory material world which is than stored in a “cloud” far away in the nonentity, virtual, illusory, ethereal sky.

Another example take young teenage girls; they have nothing except the weekly little pocket money they get from their parents. Still they ARE HAPPY acting, dressing and walking around like Paris Hilton, thinking themselves  wannabe movie stars. WHY ? Because of their “smartphones ” they are “ACTING/DREAMING” stupidly, taking dreamland for reality, have nothing and are TOTALLY HAPPY IN IT.

That’s all….the little smarty pants, next generation, of planet earth ARE HAPPY having nothing in their hand, not even on photo paper,…only a secondary, cheap remote control, which is remote controlled by a higher quality remote control of some smarter conditioned soul, who in turn thinks himself the smartest, who is himself controlled by the illusory energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Same thing with so-called virtual information, so-called virtual friends, so-called virtual social life and wait til it gets to MONEY, etc…

What a trap, If you step into quicksand, it won’t suck you down. However, your OWN movements will cause you to dig yourself deeper into it.

If or when this world finally wakes up nothing will be left, it has always been like that. All the happy, wonderful, beautiful DREAMS AND ILLUSIONS will have been taken away by the demons and turned into a nightmare. The demons by than, will have laughed their way to their graves and cried their way to Yamapuri.

Selling, believing in DREAMS AND ILLUSIONS is  the age old business, the only business of the material world, since the creation of this material universe, and nobody gets to keep anything of it. AKHASA PUSHKARA, FLOWERS IN THE SKY – OR A CASTLE IN THE AIR.


SB 5.13.7 PURPORT – The word gandharva-puram is very significant in this verse. Sometimes in the forest a very big castle appears, and this is called a castle in the air. Actually this castle does not exist anywhere but in one’s imagination. This is called gandharva-pura. In the material forest, the conditioned soul sometimes contemplates great castles and skyscrapers, and he wastes his energy for such things, hoping to live in them very peacefully with his family forever. However, the laws of nature do not allow this. When he enters such castles, he temporarily thinks that he is very happy, even though his happiness is impermanent. His happiness may last for a few years, but because the owner of the castle has to leave the castle at the time of death, everything is eventually lost. This is the way of worldly transactions. Such happiness is described by Vidyāpati as the happiness one derives upon seeing a drop of water in the desert. The desert is heated by scorching sunshine, and if we want to reduce the desert temperature, we need huge amounts of water—millions and millions of gallons. What effect will one drop have? Water certainly has value, but one drop of water cannot reduce the heat of the desert. In this material world everyone is ambitious, but the heat is very scorching. What will an imaginary castle in the air do to help? Śrīla Vidyāpati has therefore sung: tāṭala saikate, vāri-bindu-sama, suta-mita-ramaṇi-samāje. The happiness of family life, friends and society is compared to a drop of water in the scorching desert. The entire material world is busy trying to attain happiness because happiness is the prerogative of the living being. Unfortunately, due to falling in contact with the material world, the living entity simply struggles for existence. Even if one becomes happy for a while, a very powerful enemy may plunder everything. There are many instances in which big businessmen suddenly become paupers in the street. Yet the nature of material existence is such that foolish people are attracted to these transactions and they forget the real business of self-realization.

One of the Amazing feats of Srila Prabhupada is that he hardly ever used the phone, yet he organized a worldwide movement simply by letters to disciples.

Srila Prabhupada….”So when I got this facility of telephone… Because as soon as I deposited forty dollars… The next day the telephone was in my room. So I was very glad. But after getting my telephone, I was disturbed always. (laughter) Some of my students asking, phoning me, (telephone sound) cling, cling, and “Swamiji, how you are feeling?” At twelve o’clock at night. (laughter). Yes. So I asked him, it is the time to inquire? I am very sorry. Not only one, I become so much disturbed. Then I asked them, get out this telephone. Yes.” (Sept 16 1972 LA)


5G high frequency Millimetre-wave transmission causes spinning of molecules Killing birds by 5G and HAARP!

Airlines say 5G will create ‘economic calamity’


Major airlines and shippers made a last-ditch plea to halt 5G rollout near US airports

Some of the US’ largest commercial and cargo airlines have sounded the alarm about the potentially “devastating” effects of 5G service around airports, saying the technology could effectively grind travel and shipping to a halt.

Airlines for America – a lobbying group that represents JetBlue, American Airlines, Southwest, United, Delta, UPS, and FedEx, among others – issued a letter on Monday warning that the new 5G C-Band service could have a massive impact on aircraft operations around the country and create a “completely avoidable economic calamity.”

“Unless our major hubs are cleared to fly, the vast majority of the traveling and shipping public will essentially be grounded,” it said, adding that up to 1,100 flights and 100,000 passengers could experience delays and cancelations per day.

The ripple effects across both passenger and cargo operations, our workforce and the broader economy are simply incalculable… To be blunt, the nation’s commerce will grind to a halt.

While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has acknowledged the new cell network could interfere with key aircraft systems – namely radio altimeters, which help pilots land in low visibility – as of Sunday, the agency said it had cleared less than half of the US fleet to operate alongside C-Band towers. The latest update came just days ahead of a planned rollout set for January 19, which itself followed several delays due to the ongoing safety concerns.

However, the airlines stressed that the interference goes beyond one system, as altimeters “provide critical information to other safety and navigation systems in modern airplanes,” which could mean that “huge swaths of the operating fleet” are “indefinitely grounded” until the issues are resolved.

Though the airlines have long voiced opposition to a hasty 5G rollout, pressing the FAA and telecom companies for a series of delays, they said the problems are “substantially worse than… originally anticipated,” as they only recently discovered that many major airports will be under flight restrictions after January 19.

In addition to the “chaos” those restrictions would cause in the US, including for air passengers, shippers, the supply chain, and the delivery of needed medical supplies, the companies said the “lack of usable widebody aircraft could potentially strand tens of thousands of Americans overseas.”

The firms urged the FAA to halt the construction of any new 5G towers within two miles of select airports until regulators “determine how that can be safely accomplished without catastrophic disruption.”

Verizon and AT&T are spearheading the C-Band rollout, after winning around $80 billion in contracts to install the tech last year. While the telecoms have agreed to create temporary ‘buffer zones’ around 50 major airports to give aviators time to reduce interference risks, the measure has failed to appease airlines, who continue to demand further delays.