New Gokula news

By editor - 26.7 2022

Dear friends and devotees,

We hope this newsletter finds you, your family and friends in good health and spirits.

July has been an action packed month at the farm. With the floods, the Rathayatra and the school holidays...there is never a dull moment at New Gokula Farm!

August is an exciting time as it marks the beginning of our festival season.

We hope you can come and join us for these events.


Best regards, 

The New Gokula Team


For those who are not aware;

What's been happening at the farm?

Rathayatra  Festival 

The Rathayatra was postponed due to the intense rain but we were blessed with good weather the following week. 

It was a delight to see so many happy, smiling guests visit the farm to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the Rathayatra Festival.

It was a wonderful day celebrating their Lordships Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra with a parikrama around the farm, singing and dancing for the pleasure of the Lord. A great day was had by all. Even the neighbouring cows enjoyed the festival!

Indra sends the rain to New Gokula Farm!

The Hunter Valley was affected by heavy flood waters over the last month and the farm did not miss out! The farm recieved a huge amount of rain and the cows had to be moved to higher ground. Watch the video below to get a good look at the amazing amount of rain we received!

Devotees say goodbye to a special soul

Sadly, the farm recently had to say goodbye to a special bull, Nandi. Nandi was 17 years old and was dontated to the farm 10 years ago by Lee and Fritz from a neighbouring farm. He quickly became a favourite of the devotees and visitors due to his gentle and affectionate nature. Nandi fathered two offspring, bullocks named Nandadulal and Yasodadulal, who are also sweet natured like Nandi.

Nandi had an ongoing problem with arthritis and this eventually caused him to lose his mobility.  He was cared for by the devotees in the farm goshala until his departure.