Predictions of Kali Yuga

By admin - 6.10 2020

Predictions of Kali Yuga (From the Vedas) VIDEO

PADA: Pretty interesting. Cannot validate all of the content, but predictions of Kali Yuga is a topic of interest that needed to be analyzed by someone. This person at least did a lot of research. Much of his presentation seems to make a lot of sense. 

It is a good idea to keep ourselves in the perspective of the long time spans of the yugas and so on, so we don't get too wrapped up in our teeny little time frame here on this teeny place in the universe. Kali Yuga is predicted to get progressively worse and worse, and as we see for ourselves on a regular basis, it is getting worse and worse. That means -- it just might be a good idea to take spiritual life very seriously, so we do not return back here -- to an even worse Kali Yuga -- in our next birth. ys pd