Proper management of God given resources

By editor - 6.9 2023

There is no shortage of anything in this world, other than God Consciousness, and proper management of God given resources.

Occasionally there’s a natural disaster that creates suffering for the peoples of a particular place and time, but in the most disasters are being caused by man’s attempt to play God.

We often see that with man’s greed for power over the people, control of material resources (gold, and other precious metals, diamonds, and other gems, oil and its by-products, timber, cotton, silks, spices, rubber, the air, the sea, electricity, etc.), which comes in various ways, entangles him further beyond his conception or perception. Man so blinded in lust for such dominion unfortunately does not see the consequences of his plan.

There are so many resources of the kindness of Mother Earth, who provides us with all our needs, both man and beast. When we take what we need and leave the rest, there’s more for others, and replenishment of the same in the course of time.

The example is given of if an animal or a bird sees a bag of rice spilled for the taking, he will take what he needs for his family for a few days and go on with his life. But man, in his so called wisdom will take the entire bag of rice, put a price on it making sure he makes at least 100% profit, but usually more and then resell that to others, who by God’s law had a right to it in the first place.

Please don’t think that we have a gripe against economics, for commerce must go on, but based on honesty and sustainability and not on thievery.

What comes to us freely or of little endeavour can be redistributed under the same principle, allowing others to benefit. For some honest work and honest pay is given. Principles and concepts that you think are too obvious.

Alas what we see today, in the raping of millions of acres of forest (Amazon region), the lungs of the planet, merely for timber or for raising cattle for slaughter is a form of foolishness that is well known as man’s.

To burn off thousands of acres of forest (Indonesia) just to clear the land, without taking into consideration what such resultant smoke and other debris caused to neighbouring countries is a form of ignorance reserved for those covered with a lust only for money.

The vast imbalances in climates, changes of environment for local wild-life, who are then blamed for coming to towns and villages to feed/hunt result in numerous compound effects than man, playing God has created in his ignorance.
One such incident came about by the fashion some years ago when some people made the eating of frogs-legs very in vogue. So many frogs were collected to satisfy the market need that the frog’s natural food, the mosquitoes began to flourish in an unseen before manner. So many people were being bitten and diseases known to be carried by the mosquitoes were becoming a serious problem.

In another incident, just as ridiculous in 1987 in India there was a problem because of the way man had interfered with the natural environment, taking out one element, but which caused further and more problems to resolve.
The local Hindus of Southern Karnataka and Kerela lived among the inland waterways. They fished there, grew crops there, and disposed of their dead in the waterways too, the Turtles eating the dead bodies.
When the British, French and Portuguese came to India they had taught the local people that they could eat the Turtles too. They even opened a cannery to catch, process and can the Turtles and make big business of Turtle Soup, which they would export. After some time of doing this, to make a good profit most of the Turtles were cleaned up in the waterways. This not only finished the business of the cannery which the town had become reliant on for work, but now they had no method for disposal of the dead – and it was common for decomposing bodies to remain in the water for sometimes washing in and out on the tides.
Some genius in the Ministry of the Environment or similar govt. Dept. came up with an idea befitting a cartoon, rather than real life. He proposed the introduction of crocodiles into the waterways to dispose of the dead bodies, as they are known to like them. The challenge came when some time later as the crocodiles breed that it was not only dead bodies they liked, but also live ones, and many people going to collect water, doing their washing etc., were not seen again.
 Someone devised another piece of genius – to bring in the army. So there we have it today. Periodic attacks upon the crocs’ by the army; the crocs’ eat the villagers; villagers eat the turtles; who should have been eating the dead bodies – because man interfered and thought he could profit from the prolific amount of turtles and the innocence of the people.

What to speak of numerous plagues, infestations, and swarm attacks that have had man to thank in the initial offset, although he carefully as usual emphasised the result rather than the root cause – him. These are not even beginning to mention Landslides caused from piling up masses of “waste” removed from coal mines that slip onto villages and cover them, killing hundreds of people; or the mining accidents that claim so many lives each year; or toxic releases that poison entire areas killing (immediately or over generations) thousands of living entities in all species, and creating disabilities or mutations in others (caused by Nuclear power stations – bombs, testing and in wars; pollution by companies into waterways; air pollution by companies, farmers, chemical weaponry, etc; soil pollution and burning through over chemical induction, spraying, defoliation, etc.)

...a friend of mine tells me that it was his great grandfather who introduced the intrucive weed Gorse into New Zealand to use for hedge rows. Now the country is full of it. Same with Blackberry bushes, introduced to Australia and New Zealand with all good intention. Similarly other introduced pests to native forest and native animals and birds; Possums, Rabbits, Rats, Domestic Cats, Stotes, Peacocks, to name a few.

See more of the ridiculous impositions brought to ignorant fools with all good intention.

With modern society’s emphasis on careers and making money to facilitate independence and sense gratification for women, another artificial imposition on a local, individual environment is created. The menstrual periods these days that women are experiencing with pronounced PMS was unheard of in natural environments before artificial contraception and career centred childless families became in vogue. Formerly when women were old enough to marry and reproduce they spent many years in either child bearing, childbirth or lactating without periods. Modern women’s rights activists, feminists’ etc., seeing it their right to do whatever they want, deny nature and are against this ancient and scientific fact of social practice. Instead they see it as their right to kill the child through contraception, or in the womb through abortion, thus achieving the same menstrual periodless time.
Hormonal studies in recent times again identify such a life-style as unnatural and potentially harmful in the long term to individuals and society in general, as symptoms of interference in nature’s plan. The “24 hour society”, the pressures and stress upon women to perform as equal to or independent of their men-folk, “working unsociable hours”, etc., is now accredited to much of the PMS and conflict between the two genders. Women’s activists are now, as predicted/expected, suggesting that by adding the required hormones as they naturally decrease due to stress and an unnatural way of living, all will be okay.

Does anyone recognise a trend here? Is it another monster in the making, or is it already made? As usual, you can guarantee, you and I will have to pick up the pieces when the reactions to the dysfunctional development of such a society finally hits the fan. Look at the nervous break-down statistics; look at marriage break-up statistics; look at the avenues of relief they seek out through addictions to habit forming drugs, like alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, heroin, tobacco and marijuana usage statistics; look at suicide rates, none of which shows signs of a natural way of sustainable healthy life.

We cannot seriously hope to mention all of the ridiculous things that man-kind has done; funny, sorry, sick and sad as they be – for a being who dares to think that he can govern himself bereft of the natural laws of God.

In these pages, and their links hopefully you will find enough information to influence you to join with us, and help the inhabitants of this Earth to again act like civilised humans and not money hungry animals dressed in the refinery of uncivlised ignorant, insensitive garb.

In my calling these perpetrators of the Earth we all share animals I mean no offence to our four legged friends – for you we have respect for, natures’ laws you strictly follow. The two-legged animals do things that no animal would ever do, with no conscience or remorse, as long as the money is in the bank.

As devotees of Lord Krishna the proprietor of everything and everyone, we recognise and accept His dominion. Simply by that one humble action, it changes one’s entire life.

When we know who the owner is, and where we all fit in as servants under His scheme, we can work in harmony.