The Holy Places of Jaiva Dharma: Devapalli

BY: SUN STAFF - 26.8 2019

Lord Nrsimhadeva at Narasimhapalli (Devapalli) 

A serial presentation of the holy places mentioned in the Jaiva Dharma of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur - Part 45.

The next tirtha listed in the Jaiva Dharma 'Glossary of Places' is Devapalli:

"Devapalli - a town three miles south-west of Krsna-nagara in Godrumadvipa where all the devas resided. In Satya-yuga, Lord Nrsimhadeva rested at Devapalli after killing Hiranyakasipu. This place is also thus known as Nrsimhapalli. There is an ancient Deity of Nrsimhadeva at this place, said to date back to Satyayuga."

In chapter one of Jaiva Dharma, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur introduces a main character in his transcendental novel, the great sadhu, Sri Prema-dasa Babaji. The story begins at his asrama in Sri Godruma, where he is visited by a saintly sannyasi with whom he soon travels to Deva-palli:

"After some days the paramahamsa babaji said, "O great soul, Sri Pradyumna Brahmacari Thakura kindly keeps me at his feet. Today he is rapt in the worship of Lord Nrsimha in the village of Deva-palli in the outskirts of Navadvipa-mandala. When we have finished our madhukari begging for alms, let us go and see him.

The saintly sannyasi replied, "As you order, so I shall do."

Crossing the Alakananda River, the two of them came to Deva-palli at two in the afternoon. Then, crossing the Suryatila River, they saw the Supreme Lord's personal associate Sri Pradyumna Brahmacari in the temple of Lord Nrsimha."

This is the only mention of Devapalli found in the main body of Jaiva Dharma, although it is mentioned again in the 'Glossary of Places' under Amraghata, which is located midway between Svarupaganja and Devapalli.

Among the nine islands of Navadvipa, Godrumadwip (modern Gadigachha) is the third. It sits to the southeast of Sridham Mayapur. There are ten towns within the parameters of Godrumadvipa, including Devapalli, Gadigacha, Balichar, Mahesh ganj, Tiyorakali, Amghata, Syamnagar, Virija, Harishpur and Suvarna Vihar.

Narasimhapalli Temple 

Among the most important tirthas in the vicinity are the mounds of Surya, Brahma, Indra and other demigods at Harihara-kshetra, which is also home of the bhajan kutir and samadhi of Srila Bhaktivinoda. Devapalli itself is best known for the ancient temple of Lord Nrsimhadeva (Deva para), for which the place is also named Nrsimhapalli.

To glorify the pastime of Lord Narasimhadeva coming to Devapalli to take rest after killing Hiranyakasipu, the demigods also came here and constructed a beautiful temple, as well as abodes for themselves. While all these residences disappeared over the course of time, Devapalli was once a wonderful transcendental community. Lord Nityananda predicted that in the future, a great king will appear to install Lord Narasimha in a great and wonderful temple, and he will reconstruct the town of Devapalli.


(Devapalli, to be continued…)