The Holy Places of Jaiva Dharma: Rudradvipa

BY: SUN STAFF - 5.2 2020

Sri Nimbarkacarya with Narada and Four Kumaras

A serial presentation of the holy places mentioned in the Jaiva Dharma of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur - Part 125.

RUDRADVIPA: Sankarpur (Idrakpur)

At this place Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu showed His divine form to Sankaracarya. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, "You are My servant, following my orders, you are preaching effectively the mayavadi doctrine, but at this Navadvipa Dhama the mayavadi philosophy has no place. This dhama is very dear to Me. On my behalf Vriddha Siva and Praudhamaya spread the imaginary interpretation of the scriptures, but only to those people who envy the devotees of the Lord. In this way I cheat them. Since this is Navadvipa Dhama and generally a place for my devotees, not for the envious, the doctrine should not be preached here. Therefore you should go elsewhere to perform your service and not contaminate the inhabitants of Navadvipa.

Vilva Paksa (Vela Pokara)

My dear great sages, auspiciousness personified, it is very difficult for even the mystic yogis to see you. Indeed, you are very rarely seen. I do not know what kind of pious activity I performed for you to grace me by appearing before me without difficulty. Any person upon whom brahmanas and Vaisnavas are pleased can achieve anything which is rarely attained in this world as well as after death. Not only that, but one also receives the favour of the auspicious Lord Siva and Lord Visnu, who accompany the brahmanas and the Vaisnavas."

Maharaja Prithu offered his welcome to the four Kumaras, addressing them as the best of brahmanas. He welcomed them saying, "From birth, you strictly observed vows of celibacy, and although you are experienced in the path of liberation, you are keeping yourselves just like small children." (Srimad Bhagavatam)

The following story is narrated in the Navadvipa-dham Mahatmya: Once some brahmana devotees worshipped Lord Siva here with his favourite leaves (Bael leaves). Lord Siva was pleased with the brahmanas and appeared before them. One of those brahmanas of the name Nimbaditya had been very attentive in his worship. Lord Siva spoke to him, "At the edge of the village, there is a sacred Bilva forest. There the four Kumaras are sitting in meditation. By their mercy, you will receive transcendental knowledge. They are your Gurus, by rendering service to them you will attain perfection. "Upon saying this, he disappeared."

After searching, Nimbaditya (Nimbarka) caught sight of the four Kumaras, sitting on an attractive platform in the forest. They were young and noble in character. Nimbarka cried out the name of Krsna in excitement. Hearing that sound, the four Kumaras opened their eyes and saw before them an ideal Vaisnava. Satisfied by what they saw, one after another, they embraced him. "Who are you? Why have you come here? We will certainly fulfill all your prayers."

Nimbarka offered his dandavats and introduced himself. Sanat Kumara spoke with a smile, "The Supreme Lord has caused four Sampradayas to come into existence: the Laksmi Sampradaya under Ramanuja; the Rudra Sampradaya under Vishnu Swami; the Brahma Sampradaya under Madhva; and today, we, the four Kumaras, accept you as our disciple."

After this the four brothers initiated him with the Krsna Mantra and they taught him how to worship Radha-Krsna. They also instructed him in the 'Sanat Kumara Samhita'. At that place, with the mantra, he performed worship according to the Sanat Kumara Samhita. In due course of time Radha and Krsna revealed Themselves to him. Lighting up all directions, they spoke gently: "You are very fortunate. You have performed worship in Navadvipa, which is very dear to us. Here we take on one form as the Son of Saci." At that moment, the two became the one golden form of Gauranga. Nimbarka in amazement said, "Never have I seen or heard of such a form."

Caitanya Mahaprabhu requested him, "Please keep this form a secret and just preach Krsna Bhakti and the pastimes of Radha and Krsna. Later I will appear to perform My pastimes. At that time you will take birth in Kashmir as a great Pandit. Out to defeat all opponents, you will tour everywhere and you will be known as Kashmiri Pandit. Greatly proud, you will come to Mayapur and you will meet Me. We will have sastric discussion and I will defeat you and give you love of Godhead."

When Caitanya Mahaprabhu suddenly disappeared, Nimbarka wept in great love. After worshipping the feet of his Gurus, he departed elsewhere. Everywhere he went, he preached Krsna Bhakti and defeated all the Pandits.

This place, Bael Pukur, is non-different from Bael Vana in Vrindavan. At this place Sace Sacimata, the mother of Lord Caitanya, was born. Present here is a Deity of Madan Gopal which was worshipped by Sacimata's father, Nilambara Cakravarti.

Bharadhvaja Tila (Bharadanga)

At this place Bharadhvaja Muni performed austerities to attain the darshan of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Sri Caitanya appeared before him and said, "Your desire will be fulfilled. When I make my appearance you will see Me." The Lord disappeared and the Muni fainted. After staying here for some days the Muni departed to visit other holy places.