The Mars Chronicles

The Mars Chronicles – with Michael Cremo - 6.6 2022

In this multi-episode discussion, Joshua Reid and David Whitehead (dwtruthwarrior) continue their journey exploring space, Mars and everything under the suns.

One of the prominent themes introduced in Forbidden Archeology is the phenomenon of “knowledge filtration.” This is the process by which scientists & others routinely accept evidence that supports their preconceptions & theories while rejecting, either consciously or unconsciously, other evidence that does not uphold their views. This process of suppression of evidence is illustrated by many of the anomalous paleoanthropological findings discussed in the book. This evidence now tends to be extremely obscure, & it also tends to be clouded by a series of negative reports, themselves obscure & dating from the time when the evidence was being actively rejected. Thus, evolutionary prejudices held by powerful groups of scientists act as a “knowledge filter” which has eliminated evidence challenging accepted views.

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