Understanding Vaishnava relationships (video)

By editor - 11.8 2022

Understanding Vaishnava relationships through the life of Vaishnavis in Śrī Caitanya-caritāmṛta (video)

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(From automatic transcription)
We definitely as vaishnavis we need to look beyond our own immediate family when we think about being a mother whether you’re married or you’re not married your own children you don’t we bring that mother energy at the same time we have to be realistic about the dangers of male female interactions one of the things that I don’t think we talk about enough is the difference between a vaishnavi who’s 25 and a visionary who’s 65 right there’s a huge difference in what’s appropriate for one and what’s appropriate for the other if i ask a brahmacari at my temple is there anything you need that is very motherly if I was 25 and I was doing that that would be problematic so we have to think about time place and circstance in our interactions and I think this is one thing that challenges us in spiritual life right we look for rules that we can enforce that we can follow where we will always be sure that we are doing the right thing when I was a young devotee i I never looked at a brahmacari in the face ever right years later my husband was referring to having run into some brahmacari former brahmatari from my temple and he was describing how the person looked and i said to him i don’t know what any of them looked like I only looked at their feet right so it was this idea of having an appropriate relationship at the appropriate time that’s clear yeah that’s very clear thank you the other part of the equation is mahaprabhu is known as sachi suta gora hari so he is jaisa chinandana and that’s like taking sachimata’s name to identify him so that value of vaishnavi was so much emphasized yet sometimes in in today’s world there is so much let’s say black and white understanding of women’s position what i’m saying so how do we how do we integrate that and bring that understanding that you have been mentioning all through the interview about the bringing the family mood seeing how mahaprabhu saw as vaishnavis because one thing is mahaprabhu establishing what a sanyasi should or shouldn’t do but another whole aspect is women’s role in the whole organization or an institution so what would be our uh movement for this well one thought is that the the the the role of women in chaitanya charitamrita is really defined by marriage as well all of these are married and that’s that’s intentional right the the emphasis on getting married.