Middle Kingdoms of India, Part 84


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Sri Yantra Temple - Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh
Built by the Kalachuris

A serial presentation of India's great history, religious movements and temple architecture.

The Kalachuris

'The Kalachuri Empire is the name used by two kingdoms in ancient India during the 10th to 12th Centuries. One dynasty ruled over parts of Central India (western Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan), and they were called the Chedi or Haihaya (Heyheya), northern branch. [111] The other group was the southern Kalachuri, who ruled over parts of Karnataka. They are disparately placed in time and space. Apart from the dynastic name and perhaps a belief in common ancestry, there is little evidence to connect them.

The earliest known Kalachuris (550–620 A.D.) ruled over northern Maharashtra, Malwa and western Deccan. Their capital was Mahismati, situated in the Narmada river valley. There were three prominent members: Krishnaraja, Shankaragana and Buddharaja. Various extant coins and epigraphs have been found around this area.

The southern Kalachuris were at their peak from 1130–1184A.D., ruling parts of the Deccan extending over the regions of present day North Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra. This dynasty traces its origins to Krishna, who was the conqueror of Kalinjar and Dahala in Madhya Pradesh.

It is said that Bijjala, a viceroy of this dynasty, established authority over Karnataka. He wrested power from the Chalukya king Taila III. Bijjala was succeeded by his sons Someshwara and Sangama, but after 1181 A.D., the Chalukyas gradually retrieved the territory.

Their rule was short and turbulent, yet very important from the standpoint of socio-religious movements. A new sect called the Lingayat or Virashaiva sect was founded during thi period.[112] A unique and purely native form of Kannada literature-poetry called the Vachanas was also born during this time. The writers of Vachanas were called Vachanakaras (poets).

The northern Kalachuris ruled in Central India ,with their capital city being the ancient town of Tripuri (Tewar). This empire originated in the 8th Century, expanded significantly in the 11th Century, and declined from the 12th to 13th Centuries.



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