Miscreants Vandalise Brindavana of Sripada Vyasaraja




Miscreants vandalise Brindavana of Sripada Vyasaraja, One of the greatest acharyas and the grand Spiritual Master of Sripada Madhavendra Puri.

Vyasa Tirtha is one of the most illustrious acaryas in the guru parampara. He appeared in 1448 A.D. in the village of Bannur (30 kms from Mysore) and disappeared in 1539 A.D. at Navabrindavana near Hampi. He lived a long life of 92 years filled with amazing and extraordinary pastimes. He is regarded as the incarnation of the greatest devotee, Prahlada.

Vyasa Tirtha also went to Vijayanagara and guided six kings as their spiritual master. By his divine guidance and blessings, Vijayanagara became the most prosperous and famous kingdom in the medieval world. The six kings included Krishna Devaraya, Salva Narasimha, Vira Narasimha and Acyuta Devaraya.

He initiated a great spiritual revolution by the Kirtana movement throughout South India by composing innumerable songs in Kannada giving access to the essence of Vedic wisdom even to the common man. He also inspired his disciples like Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa to compose kirtanas and travel extensively to popularize kirtanas. Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa overflooded the entire region with enchanting kirtanas composed in simple language, which are sung even today.

Vyasa Tirtha also had many sannyasi disciples, like Vadiraja and Vijayindra Srinivasa, who spread the bhakti movement from the Himalayas to Cape Camorin. He personally traveled the length and breadth of India many times for this purpose. He is the prime link between the Madhva Sampradaya and the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya that has now spread across the world.

Vyasa Tirtha is regarded as one of the three munis, or great acaryas in the parampara, as expressed in the following verse,

sri madhvah kalpa vrkshas cha
jayacharyas tu dhenavah
cintamanis tu vyasaryah
muni trayam udahritam

Sri Madhvacarya is like a transcendental desire tree, Jaya Tirtha a Surabhi cow and Vyasa Tirtha a Touchstone. These three great acaryas thus bestow all spiritual benedictions.

Purandaradasa has succinctly glorified the contributions of Vyasa Tirtha in the following kirtana.

yesu munigaliddarenu madidarayya
Vyasa muni ta madhva matavannuddharisida

Vyasaraja is truly Jagadguru and is highly venerated by millions of followers across the world. It is the greatest sacrilege, sin, offence and attack that some most fallen miscreants have dared to attack his holy Brindavana on 17th July night. This is immensely painful and heart breaking to millions of his followers.

All the Madhvas, all the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, all the Brahmins, all the ISKCON followers, all the adherents of Sanatana dharma and in fact, all of humanity should come together for two purposes – to rebuild and properly protect Vyasaraja Brindavana AND to quickly catch the culprits and give them the most severe punishment. There must be a CBI investigation and the culprits brought to justice at the earliest.