The Holy Places of Jaiva Dharma: Devapalli


BY: SUN STAFF - 27.8 2019

Lord Nrsimhadeva slaying Hiranyakasipu 
Kanchi Kailasanath Temple

A serial presentation of the holy places mentioned in the Jaiva Dharma of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur - Part 46.

While Devapalli is mentioned only once in Jaiva Dharma, there is also one mention of Sri Nrsimha-palli (another name for this tirtha). This is in chapter eleven, which mentions that Sri Ananta dasa came from Sri Nrsimha-palli. In his Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur describes the travels of Nityananda Prabhu throughout Navadvipa, and in chapter seven, entitled 'Sri Suvarnavihara and Sri Devapalli', we find this illumination on Devapalli:

"Then, singing loudly the glories of Gauranga, the party of pilgrims entered Devapalli. In that village, they took rest as the guests of the presiding Deity, Nrisimha, and then took their midday meals. At the last minutes of daylight, as they all wandered in the village, Nityananda spoke: "This is Devapalli, and here is the temple of Nrisimhadeva, well known since Satya-yuga. After bestowing His mercy on Prahlada by killing Hiranyakasipu, the Lord came here to rest.

Brahma and the other demigods made their houses here and formed a village. This village was established on tilas, hillocks, here on the bank of the Mandakini River, and all the residents were absorbed in the worship of Nrisimhadeva. According to the scriptures, this village in Navadvipa, named Sri Nrisimha-kshetra, is most purifying.

See here Surya-tila and Brahma-tila and to the east was Nrisimha-tila. The place is now transformed. See there Ganesa-tila, and over there is Indra-tila. Though Visvakarma built hundreds of jeweled houses here, in time, all were destroyed, and the Mandakini dried up. Now only the hillocks mark the places. See these countless broken stones, the remnants of the temples. Again in the future, one devotee king will receive a drop of Nrisimha's mercy, and he will make a large temple, reinstall Nrisimha, and take up service to Nrisimha again. This is on the border of the Navadvipa parikrama within the sixteen krosas."

Giving up the net of maya and having only the wealth of the lotus feet of Nitai and Jahnava, this beggar, Bhaktivinoda, sings the glories of Navadvipa, which have no limit."

In Navadvipa Bhava Taranga by Srila Bhaktivinoda, we find these five beautiful prayers begging the mercy of Lord Narasimha:

e dusta hrdaye kama adi ripu chaya 
kutinati pratisthasa sathya sada raya
hrdaya-sodhana ara krsnera vasana
nrsimha-carane mora ei to' kamana

kandiya nrsimha-pade magibo kakhana
nirapade navadvipe jugala-bhajana
bhaya bhaya paya yan'ra darsane se hari
prasanna hoibo kabe more daya kari

yadyapi bhisana murti dusta-jiva-prati
prahladadi krsna-bhakta-jane bhadra ati
kabe va prasanna ho'ye sa krpa-vacane
nirbhaya karibe ei mudha akincane

svacchande baiso he vatsa sri-gauranga-dhame
jugala-bhajana hau rati hau name
mama bhakta-krpa-bale vighna jabe dura
suddha cite bhajo radha-krsna-rasa-pura

ei boli' kabe mora mastaka-upara
sviya sri-carana harse dharibe isvara
amani jugala-preme sattvika vikare
dharaya lutibo ami sri-nrsimha-dvare

"South east of there is Nrsimha Puri. When will I see the pure transcendental sweetness of this place, also called Deva-palli? I will roll about on the ground in ecstatic love while visiting this residence of Lord Nrsimha. Sincerely begging for His grace without a trace of duplicity in my heart, I will attain Krsna-prema.

Within my sinful heart the six enemies headed by lust perpetually reside, as well as duplicity, the desire for fame, plus sheer cunning. At the lotus feet of Lord Nrsimha, I hope that He will mercifully purify my heart and give me the desire to serve Lord Krsna.

Weeping, I will beg at the lotus feet of Lord Nrsimha for the benediction of worshipping Radha and Krsna in Navadvipa, perfectly safe and free from all difficulties. When will this Lord Hari, whose terrible form strikes fear into fear itself, ever become pleased and show Me His mercy?

Even though Lord Nrsimha is terrifying toward the sinful souls He offers great auspiciousness unto the devotees of Lord Krsna headed by Prahlada Maharaja. When will He be pleased to speak words of compassion unto me, a worthless fool, and thereby make me fearless?

He will say, "Dear child! Sit down freely and live happily here in Sri Gauranga Dhama. May you nicely worship the Divine Couple and may you develop loving attachment for Their holy names. By the mercy of My devotees, all obstacles are cast far away. with a purified heart, just perform the worship of Radha and Krsna, for such worship overflows with sweet nectar."

Saying this, will that Lord delightedly place His own divine lotus feet upon my head? Suddenly I will experience sublime love for the Divine Couple Radha-Krsna and undergo the ecstatic transformations called sattvika. Falling on the ground, I will roll about by the door of Sri Nrsimha's temple."

(Navadvipa Bhava Taranga, verses 35-40)