Villagers gifted Srila Prabhupada’s books


By Muralimohan dasa - 20.4 2022

On April 3, 2022, my team and I from ISKCON’s Ahmedabad temple, also known as Sri Radha Govinda Dhama, held a one-day padayatra at Nani Devti gram, about 30km southwest of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

We arrived at the village to hear that a samuha chandi yajna was being conducted and many people had assembled at one place. Moving ahead we started sankirtan and as we reached the yajna everyone there was pleased to see a group of devotees performing sankirtan and asked us to say something regarding the yajna.

Accepting the invitation, we continued with sankirtan and encouraged the assembly to chant, which received a very favourable response. I then addressed the gathering saying, “You are performing this yajna and that’s fine, but the real yajna for Kaliyuga is sankirtan yajna. Without sankirtan all rituals are incomplete and with sankirtan all your yajnas will become complete.”

The village sarpanch then donated Bhagavad-gitas and many small books to all those who had come for the yajna. He also requested we visit frequently and I assured him that we would return and teach the Bhagavad-gita to children in the local schools.

Book distribution score: Fifty big books, 200 small books, total 250 books distributed.

Fortunate People videos recorded were 500.

Hare Krishna.

Sankirtan yajna, ki jai.