Vrindavan Garden in Mayapur





Vrindavan Garden in Mayapur is a project where we hope to offer visitors, and resident devotees, an opportunity to experience Vrindavan dham within Mayapur; revealing Krsna's pastimes; its connection to Mahaprabhu, the 6 Goswamis and Srila Prabhupada. To deepen visitors' understanding behind Krsna's childhood pastimes, and to present Krsna Lila in a fun, educational way so that visitors leave the park with a lasting spiritual impression, that will assist them in their spiritual journeys.

With an area of 11.7 acres, the vision of Vrindavan Garden is to provide a spiritually inspiring atmosphere where devotees can relax and perform their sadhana within the peaceful aromatic gardens; expand their knowledge and appreciation for the Holy Dham; as well as providing a venue for the Jhulan Yatra festival and other festivals celebrated throughout the year.

To achieve our goals, we use traditional techniques and materials such as general landscaping, natural stone, marble and special thematic compositions, for the architecture, small architectural forms; sculptures, ponds and fountains.


A summary of the features within Vrindavan Garden in Mayapur

Interactive exhibition a display of audio visual, technical media experience (Educational/Entertaining).

Krsna Children's park/Maze a playground with the theme of Krsna's childhood pastimes and a mandala maze for entertaining energetic children and youth.

New Loi Bazaar (Shops/Refreshments/WC) offering traditional refreshments connected to Sri Vrindavan Dham and supporting cottage industries.

6 Goswamis Museum acknowledging the 6 Goswamis before everything, as they established the places of pilgrimage in Vrindavan. Presenting the Goswamis through reliefs, paintings and showcases, as well as Srila Prabhupada and his contribution to Vrindavan. (Mahaprabhu revealed, 6 Goswamis established and Srila Prabhupada took to the West.) (Educational).

Krsna Lila Gallery a display of artwork and reliefs presenting the pastimes of Krsna as they happened chronologically. Pastimes written on a brass plaque.

Miniature Vrindavan village & Vraja Mandal Parikarama - consisting of the important landmarks of Vrindavan, this model village displays miniature buildings which have been developed as an educational and tourist attraction. An exact replica of Vrindavan. Vraja Mandal Parikarama - main places on parikarama placed around the miniature village.

Jhulan Area is an open area where festivals can be held; surrounded by the Temples of Vrindavan.

Krsna Lila Garden exquisite gardens and architectural landscapes depicting and revealing Krsna's childhood pastimes within Vrindavan Dham, through large models, temples, forests, ponds and fountains. Meeting demons such as Aghasaura in the form of a big cave which you can walk through, Trinavarta the whirlwind demon towering 30ft high, and the Putana hill - she lies down dead 100 feet long with Krsna playing on her body, with a bridge going over her; the public can see the exhibit from the top, as well as having a view of the entire park from there.

Yamuna will flow to Kusum Sarovara bordered by the fragrant flower gardens where the Gopis gathered flowers for Krsna. Flower pagodas/resting places; tranquil meditation spaces. The Boat festival can be held here, as well as other special festivals and preaching programs.

Govardhan Hill caves will lead inside the hill where there will be diorama reliefs – to the left side [or first cave] it will show Nanda Maharaj preparing offerings for Indra; on the back wall [as a background] the diorama will depict the lifting of Govardhan Hill. Krsna will be holding up the hill with the Vraja vasis and cows underneath. Scattered around there will be pillars that are designed like residents of Vraja holding up the hill, there may be few statues - all decoration inside will be connected to the lifting of Govardhan hill pastime; to the far-right wall [or cave], the diorama wall relief will depict Lord Indra praying, demigods showering flowers, Surabhi cow with flowing milk and Lord Krsna. [At the entrance courtyard of the Garden, in New Loi Bazaar, there could be Prasad distribution] Indra/Lifting of Govardhana Hill pastime – mini diorama under glass.

Varsana 4 hills of Varshana: Vrishabhanugarh (Palace of Vrishabhanu); Vilasagarh (Loving pastimes of Radha and Krsna); Maangarh (Radharani in 'isolation' loving anger state) Maan Mandir; Daangarh (Collecting 'tax' (curd/butter) from the gopis) Peacock pastime (famous painting).

Nandagram Nandiswar Hill – Siva in the form of a hill. Placed on a hill, with a replica small temple with a parikrama path going around. Nanda Kund.

Shyama kund & Radha kund At Lalita Kund you will see the Jhulan Swing with a Mandala underneath swing [yantra design/mosaic using semi-precious stones]. Surrounding Radha Kund and Shyama Kund are the Gopi's Groves/Kunjs - small enclosed private gardens… each distinct in its own fragrance, colour, mood from the others, providing nice meditative spaces.

Bullock Cart Rides will provide transport alongside the main parikarama path.


Links to our Newsletter, Progress Report, and other Useful Links explaining the Concept of Vrindavan Garden in Mayapur

We are pleased to share our first Vrindavan Garden in Mayapur Newsletter with you, as well as an additional update regarding the project.

The Newsletter contains many links that will explain our Project in further detail; including information regarding the layout, features within the Garden, a Walkthrough of the proposed project, which explains a little deeper the experience.

Newsletter Issue 1 March 2022

Progress Report and Useful Links March 2022


If you have any further questions or comments, or would like further information, please email us. Thank you very much for your support and interest in our Vrindavan Garden in Mayapur project.

Our Newsletter and General Progress Report will be mailed every 2 months.

Hare Krsna!

Your servant
Saranagati dasi
[on behalf of Vrindavan Garden in Mayapur Team]

Main Features and Exhibits that you will find in Vrindavan Garden:

1: Shops/WC
2: Expo interactive
3: Children's Park/Maze
4: Model Village/Parikarama
5: 6 Goswami Museum
6: Krsna Lila Gallery
7: Siva/Gopeswara Mandir
8: Agasaura [Entrance to Park]
9: Yamuna:
9A: Kaliya Ghat; Kaliya demon
9B: Akrura Ghat
10: Putana
11: Forests of Vrndavan [5 East of Yamuna & 7 West of Yamuna]
11A: Bhadravan [East]
11B: Bhandiravan [East]
11C: Belvan [East]
11D: Lauhavan [East]
11E: Mahavan [East]
11F: Talavan [West]
11G: Kamudavan [West]
11H: Madhuvan [West]
11I: Bahulavan [West]
11J: Vrindavan [West]
11K: Kadiravan [West]
11L: Kamyavan [West]
12: Denukasaura
13: Trinavarta
14: Kusuma Sarova
15: Flower Gardens
16: Cows 16b: Cows
17: Lord Brahma Prays
18: Govardhan
19: Uddava Kund
20: Gopi's Kunjs
21: Radha Kund
22: Shyama Kund
22a: Aristasaura
23: Lalita Kunj [Jhulan Swing Area]
24: Jhulan Area

25: Varsana:
25a: Vrishabhanu Kunj
25b: 4 hills of Varshana: Vrishabhanugarh; Vilasagarh; Maangarh; Daangarh
25B: Ravel
26: Ter Kadamba
27: Vrnda Kund
28: Gupta Kund
29: Nandagram [Nandiswar Hill]
30: Outer Path [One side for pedestrians and one side for Bullock Cart transportation]
31: Inner Path [Pedestrians only]
32: Smaller Footpaths [Pedestrians only]
33: Entrance [Main Guest]
34: Exit [Main Guest]
35: Nanda Ghat
36: Dauji temple [Balaram's footprint]
37: Laksmi temple
38: Krsna kund/Madhu kund [Madhu demon]
39: Lotus Lake [Padma Kund]
40: Kole Ghat [where Vasundeva crossed Yamuna]
41: Bakasaura
42: Rupa Goswami's Lake/Bhajan Kutir
43: Prema Sarovar
44: Nanda Kund
45: Yavat
46: Mana Sarovara
47: Druva tila
48: Pralambhasaura
49: Kesi Ghat [Kesi demon]
50: Gokul
51: Shakatasaura
52: Aniyor
53: Mathura
54: Garuda
55: Manasi Ganga
56: Hanuman
7[9] Temples of Vrindavan
[Placement is pending]

Bullock Cart Rides will be the mode of transport within the gardens.