Indian Scriptures are not Mythology

By editor, 8.6 2015

Why does Hindu's call there epic and scriptures as "Mythology"? The funny part is that many well known hindu believers refer our texts as Hindu Mythology. 

This article is for all those people who call our Scriptures as Mythology.

1. A mythology means a collection of myths, especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition. So if the believers call our scriptures mythology then i think you are really mistaken or don't know proper English. 

2. This is people who don't believe in our epics and scriptures. Hinduism is the oldest living religion in the world spread across India, to parts of china, Tibet, Indonesia and more. First let me correct something here, There is actually NO religion called Hinduism because in the past everyone used to worship the same god with no real identity as such. British however in 19th century referred us as Sindhus (The people living on the other side of Sindhu river, Now its called Indus) and that became Hindus. Our epics and scriptures are nothing but scientific and historic records, let me tell you how, Vedas are the main scriptures for us and if you start reading it, you will realize that its talking about math, science, technology, planets, solar system, metallurgy, aeronautics, medicine and Higher dimension in science. 

Shiksha (śikṣā): phonetics and phonology (sandhi)
Chandas (chandas): meter
Vyakarana (vyākaraṇa): grammar
Nirukta (nirukta): etymology
Jyotisha (jyotiṣa): astrology (Hindu astronomy)
Kalpa (kalpa): ritual
Yojanas (yojānā): Distance.
Hiranyagarbha: neutrons and electrons and protons combination

Solar system: 
Bhumandala: derived "Bhum" means Earth extracted from Bhumi & "andala" meaning Egg extracted from Anda

Vimanika Shastra (Vaimānika Shāstra): Art of flying

Extraction of purest form of IRON, also creating gold using chemicals/ rasāyanā

Missiles were used in Mahabharata & Ramayana
 Inter planetary Sky rockets

These are few examples i can give you.

Coming to the epics like ramayana and mahabharatha, we do have enough proof of it like dwaraka, bridge between india and lanka, Monkey types of human skulls, radiation in the sand of kurukshetra and many more. 

I would really request our readers to complete this article, i mean i want you followers to preach, spread the message to as many as possible. We should make people understand that our scriptures is not Mythology. 
Please post your comments below and spread the message.