Param Gati Case

Param Gati Swami's Case

Following is a collection of 13 documents regarding the 2009 complaints of homosexual acts on the part of Param Gati Swami, and the GBC investigation and sanctions that followed. Two of the documents are the actual complaints made by male devotees with who Param Gati initiated homosexual advances.

Also included is the 2009 Decision of the GBC Executive Committee, reporting that Param Gati Swami resigned from his post as a GBC, and would no longer be taking disciples for an indeterminate time.

There is also a copy of the GBC Resolution, passed at the 2010 annual GBC meetings at Mayapur. The Resolution notes that Param Gati had voluntarily stepped down from sannyasa.

Next is a March 2010 letter from the Executive Committee/CGB, ISKCON Brazil, announcing that those disciples of the ex-swami who wish to "can continue to grow their guru-disciple relationships with Paramgati Prabhu - including reciting his pranama and maintaining his photo on the altar." It also notes that Param Gati das has agreed that his disciples may seek shelter of other gurus, if they wish. And, the GBC notes that with the approval of authorities, disciples could get re-initiated

There are four letters from Param Gati to his followers. In Letter 3, the reader will find a familiar statement, heard recently from Prabavisnu. Param Gati wrote:

"I would humbly like to beg for your forgiveness for my recent inappropriate be-havior of which you are all aware. The intense years of extensive travelling and managerial responsibilities generated a circumstance which misled me in such a way that eventually manifested in inappropriate physical exchanges with a young man of around 19 years. This incident took place in January this year."

Elsewhere, Param Gati notes that the GBC wished for him to spend 2010 in India, preaching and working with Lokanath Swami.

Finally, there are three letters included, written by followers of Param Gati, in which they are soliciting donations for him. Two of these are dated March and November 2011. Guru-dakshina contributions are requested to be sent to Param Gati's PayPal address, which continues to use the title he gave up:

We felt it important to share these detailed reports for several reasons: 1) because there appears to be a significant disconnect between the testimony of the two complainants and Param Gati's own admissions of events; 2) because the GBC have authorized continued worship of Param Gati; and 3) because continual and recent fund-raising activities are going on in the name, Param Gati Swami.


Testimony of First Complainant

Testimony of Second Complainant

GBC Executive Committee Decision 2009

GBC Resolution 2010

Executive Committee/CGB,

ISKCON Brazil 2010

Official Statement of Council Government of Brazil

Param Gati Letter to Disciples #1

Param Gati Letter to Disciples #2

Param Gati Letter to Disciples #3

Param Gati Letter to Disciples #4

Daksina Fund-raising Letter #1

Daksina Fund-raising Letter #2

Daksina Fund-raising Letter #3


Testimony of First Complainant


Testimony of Bhakta xxxxxxx  - Brazil

 On January 17, 2009, at 13h, xxxxxxx , Brazilian, single, born in xxxxxxx/1989, provided the following  statements: that in October of the year past he met the Hare Krishna community called Nova [New] Gokula, who was his first contact with the devotees, even though he have read some books of Srila Prabhupada previously, that he arrived there and made friendship with some devotees, who went on to attend the programs and provide maintenance of the farm area and the pujari, among other services, that last week Maharaja Parangati arrived in New Gokula, the next day he attended the Maharaja class of the program from 7:30 am, that after the class Maharaja approached and asked his name, from where he came from and how long did he know the movement, that on the next day, around 10 am, a devotee named Eloi gave him the message that Maharaja Parangati wanted the declarant to meet him at 11am at the Hostel of Gurus, that the declarant at 11 went to the Hostel of Gurus and rang the bell, that Maharaja put his head out of the bathroom and asked him to wait fifteen minutes; the declarant was chanting japa, that after fifteen minutes Maharaja invited him to enter hisr room, that Maharaja was alone, that the declarant sat on the floor and started talking, the conversation lasted only fifteen minutes, they talked about personal tastes, a little about astrology, since he has a lot of curiosity on this subject, among other things, he thought that perhaps it was time to deepen the awareness of Krishna and sought shelter Parangati Maharaja, who provided obeisances and stood up, that Maharaja said nothing, but also stood up and hugged him, that they were embraced for a long time, five to ten minutes; that Maharaja began to caress his back and pulled the face in his face, that he did not understand what was going on, but think that he got involved by the situation and that he also started to caress the back of Maharaja, that after that they kissed in the mouth, he believes that this kiss was a mutual initiative, that he never had a experience like that, that he got lost after this kiss and pulled away from Maharaja, who said he was getting out because he was a guru, he accompanied him to the door of home and asked him to get his clothing that was being washed by a devotee named Vrinda, that he got the clothes and went delivering it, that did not enter the room, just handed the clothes to another disciple, whose name he doesn’t know, but it was the driver of Maharaja, that around 12:30 the President of New Gokula, Vijaya, asked him accompany to the Hostel of the Gurus, that he had come to Maharaja's room and that he made him the invitation to travel in your company, following the Festival of India, that the arrangement that was programmed by Maharaja wast that Vijaya would give him the fare to Belo Horizonte, and the declarant should travel on Monday, that did no response at that time, that at 15h he was weeding around the Temple when Maharaja passed in a car and insisted that he traveled in his company, that again gave no answer, that until then had not told anyone what happened, that in the late afternoon looked for Mother Sundari to tell the story, that on Monday a devotee who is at the reception desk called him to a call phone from Maharaja, that the declarant answered the phone, that Maharaja was formal at that conversation, he asked how things were going on and if the declarant would travel in his company, that the declarant was also formally and said he preferred to stay in New Gokula, that now he has no faith in gurus and considers that they are ordinary people with the same problems of anyone, that the contact with the Movement helped much, but doesn’t know yet what to do in of his life from now on.

 xxxxxxx (Complainant's name)

 Testimony of Second Complainant

Transcription GBC Investigation

Another Case Param Gati Swami - Secret

Translated from the original in Portuguese to English.


Dear members of CGB (Governing Council of Brazil - Conselho Governamental do Brasil). Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Before our annual meeting the CE (executive committee) received another accusation involving Param Gati Swami and a aspirant disciple. This new fact happened six months before the last incident in Nova Gokula (New Gokula Farm, state of São Paulo in Brazil). Since then we proceeded on the way to check the facts to show them in a private meeting like suggested by the devotee involved. The devotee agreed to give his deposition that was transcript and that goes attached to you. The same deposition was already sent to CE of GBC and to the ministry of Sannyasis so that all the procedures necessary can be take and Maharaja can be listened. We ask all of you to keep secret about the content of the deposition until the next orientation. By the request of the devotee himself his name and place where occurred was suppressed and we have put (*).

Serving Srila Prabhupada.

Your servants Executive Committee of CGB

 ISKCON Brazil Yamunacharya Das

Giridhari Das

Goura Hari Das

Tirthatma Nitai Das

Mathura Natha Das





I.: interviewer


R.: Response interviewee

R.: I remember the first time that we’ve seen each other we were introduced by (*) on the (*) and I can’t remember if at the same day or on the other day we had a temple Sunday program which Maharaja Param Gati as soon as he entered I was doing danda- 2 vats he got into very friendly, he even stepped on my hand demonstrating special charisma. During all the Kirtana he passed through me staring at me and to (*) all the time like, you know, always smiling, you know, with deep stare. Even had the comment from (*) he commented something like “Wow he doesn’t stop stares at you? I felt like it was intending to bring something like…


I.: How were these stare looks at you?

R.: Deep stares... I saw even, at that moment, like, I faced that like something spiritual, that he was having some spiritual fascination...


I.: And was it at both of you two?

R.: At both of us two.

I.: Do you remember that well?

R.: Yes, and seems like that was more at me than at (*).

I.: Did you have that feeling?

R.: I had that feeling because while he stared he seemed stare more at me than at (*) and (*) commented: “as he doesn’t stop stare at us” and (*) wished indicate, seemed to me, some kind of false ego so I soon stopped and did not give attention to the subject.

I.: How come? I did not understand very well: what feeling was it, which kind of comment (*) did that you stopped?

R.: (*) commented on his point of view that made me understand that seemed (*) had seen something luxuriant on Maharaja, but I thought that (*) was mistaken and I faced the stare of Maharaja like some spiritual fascination or trying to demonstrate, like, demonstrate some special attention for some divine interest for instance. So I did not give a damn to (*) and prefered, like, interrupt him. I remember also that after some chat with, I think that was at this same day, at this same week, week which Maharaja Param Gati had been at, had darshanas and (*) also followed. (*) wanted comment things like: “You know that he was a model don’t you?” and (*) demonstated to me, like, understand that Param Gati could had been gay. He made me understand it, but I never wished continue on that chat of him thinking that he was having a...

I.: But it was more an intuition from you? Did he verbalized that? 3

R.: I had an intuition because I did not allowed him to end it because I felt, I already had felt the tone he was speaking, the (*), I already had felt that from him and I already had a conclusion for instance: “No, I did not know that he was a model but I knew that he was going to be graduated on journalism”, so I used to stop this side that (*) was trying to demonstrate me. I thought that (*) was mistaken. All this was always, like, indirectly but it was very significative at least to me…

I.: And after that kirtan you talked to Param Gati?

R.: No, after that kirtan no. At that same... ah I'm remembering: We talked yes. I remember that he had darshans after the program, he had darshans after the Sunday program. I even remember: I looked at him and he looked at me and smiled. I found him very charismatic called very much my attention at this aspect. So I waited him chat with some people. I went to him and made a question and said that I wished make a question about an experience that I had and wanted ask to see his answer, so he soon invited me: “Let’s go there on the living room let’s chat inside there” and I said “No it’s not necessary it’s a quick ask it’s not necessary” so I asked you know how was the impersonal Brahman which aspect it represents what was it so Maharaja answered me and after that day, after that day had a… I think on that same week that he was here, it’s for sure, I was at (*), because I already was staying there helping on the restaurant so he came about 12pm, 13pm as I remember to lunch. (*) did the prasada, (*) was as personal secretary of him and while (*) went to the temple, on the kitchen, he (Maharaja) called me, offered me a pizza and soon asked me who was that young man that was with me at the kirtana, (*), and I felt from him that he asked that asking imagining that I was for example homosexual, he thought, it seems that on that moment he saw that on me and on (*), that we were gays.

I.: But that he did not verbalize?

R.: He did not verbalize.

I.: Was it a feeling from you?

R.: It was a feeling that I had when he soon asked me this, you know, from his stare...

I.: Having not know you.

R.: Having not know me, from the look he stared at me and was also what he made me think on the kirtana, he made me think on the kirtana that he felt that, that he felt that, so he asked who was (*) in relation to me and I said that he was my friend that I had met him there on the Sunday programs that we had chat some times and so he 4 asked some questions: what my family thought (of Krishna Consciousness) which books I had read and, ok, so I remember that happening in which (*) offered me some ticket of some congregation event with Param Gati so that I could go and I know that have some joke from (*): “you are out... you cannot buy the ticket and go with your girlfriend together” for instance “you have to buy two” it was something like that só Param Gati soon... right after soon asked: “Ah you have a girlfriend?” and I said that I had not you know. At the same day, right on this same day, he lunched, he was leaving… I remember that he was on the phone downstairs and he called me asked me some questions, questions about Krishna, the movement we chatted a bit and soon like I remember that soon he invited me to travel with him, invited me to travel with him, so at this time I did not answered, he said: “Ah, I see you need think about it”, so he said to me to keep meditating about it.

I.: And was it on the first meeting?

R.: Our first meeting was at the snack bar, a quick meeting, our second meeting was on the kirtana where I had a quick darshana with him and this was our third meeting, third meeting fast and on that third quick meeting he invited me to travel with him and he felt my attitude as I had to think about it. I remember once, I don’t know if it was this time, that I commented that I would like to participate of the Seminary Institution directed by Dhanvantari Maharaja in Campina Grande city and he answered me that he thought that it was not very much essential, he wanted me traveling with him. It made me like a bit reflexive because I have the knowledge that travel with the guru is very tiring it will require much of my time, if I have few time to like for example to study been of course in the service of the Guru and ask him and ask him too it’s very efficient and deep but I had the knowledge about all of these things, I was really wishing more time to studying deeper and even before serve some kind of Maharaja, for example to avoid been offensive, to be able to offer some good service. He came with this argument that he did not thought vey… Pay attention that I did not spoke this that I think at that moment you know I did not…

I.: And was this question before the first time you really followed him?

R.: Yes, I still had not… Ah! At this time already he said that on the next time that he would come, it was already booked, it would not take too much time, he soon invited me to stay with him, he already wanted me to serve him, no no he did not say serve him he wanted me to help him: “Ah, you could help me next time that I come you know?” invited me and I remember that I went wash his paraphernalia there on the kitchen of, I remember how he was leaving he went to say bye to me, gave me a hug you know I embraced him even affected like because by the charisma for the affection that he would demonstrate. I thought him like a very good person I felt myself well and he embraced me, we said good bye… I had a good impression. I had a good impression of Param Gati. So after this meeting I do not remember more from this week which he stayed at (*) of some more happening... I remember so the other time he came, he stayed at the house of , for the first time it was just once that he stayed at . I remem- 5 ber that I had gone there to stay with him to help him like he would have asked me and I remember that like, no… He asked me a lot of things like you know he asked… he was always occupying me, asked me things that even I can tell like that even very much like… one thing next to the other fast, little things eve very little things unnecessary but I thought that he wanted occupy me and was doing that to create a link of service with him of proximity and but I remember I can describe that I thought strange at this first time, at that first stay with him the matter that about two times that I was taking bath he went downstairs you know went downstairs there and started to talk with me from the outside of the bathroom, logically the door was closed and I was drying me up. He seemed anxious like he seemed that he wanted see me you know and he was doing many questions and it was winter…

I.: What kind of question?

R.: No, meaningless questions, nothing suspect by what I remember so that I don’t have it clear to say because I cannot remember.

I.: But how did you feel that anxiety?

R.: From the questions one close to the next one and because the proximity to the door and also, it seems, was winter and the warmer was turned on and was making noise I had difficulty to speak I was trying to demonstrate it but even then he was insisting, he wanted very much so I remember that to make the chat easier I even opened the door having the towel on my body and, but nothing special happened you know. After that…

I.: Was it just a situation on which you felt strange then?

R.: Yeah. And have more: at that time too that I have been with him, at this first time something that did not pleased me much also for example when for example we had free time even then he wanted some times turn the sound on and would put CDs of Raves Party you know Raves like on devotional music but Raves and even when (*) son of (*) went there he went to help me to launder some clothes of him (Param Gati) he brought a CD downstairs like a bit euphoric putting Raves you know and something that seemed strange you know…

I.: How strange?

R.: Ah... It seemed that the time did not fit for that there… Like the association with the Guru did not fit with that there… Even me I was not asking that nor (*) also for example but it was his initiative you know of putting those Rave…

I.: Did he say why he was putting those CDs? 6

R.: No he didn’t... He would make some remarks I remember but things like the CD is interesting, cool the CD he would put was seemed like enjoying very much, liked and… This first time was that. But at this first time still we went to (*). I went to (*) with him alone but who drove us was (*). I went as his secretary and so as soon as we got in (*) he soon got into the bedroom and called me to, I thought that would be to help him to set in order something he called me so he locked the door you know like demonstrating that did not want anybody else to see that and then he gave me a hug like more lengthy really veeeery lengthy like you know…

I.: But did he say something before or you simply got into the bedroom and he gave you a hug right after? How was that?

R.: Ah, he told me things like: “Are you ok? Are you enjoying? How do you feel?”... Ah!! Said: “How nice you been here thank you”, he always would say many times, many times: “Thank you for been here with me, for you been here, been helping me” he would always say a lot these things you know and so would embrace me. So in (*) these hugs started to be too much lengthy. On this hug in (*) things started to be different but it was a long hug only, maybe some tired breath showing well-being but did not go beyond this. Happened, also, he demonstrated what he wanted, he told to (*) also that he wanted go to a park to chant, be able to chant, be able to walk a little and chant japa and so he told me that he did not want that (*) come together he wanted go alone with me that we could stay alone to talk. So I remember that we went and at the beginning when we started walking and chant japa he asked me, asked me… if I'm not mistaking the question was again if I had a girlfriend he seemed don’t remember our last chat… and I answered that I did not have. What surprised me was that we hardly know each other, you know, and he soon asked me how I deal with masturbation and…

I.: Wait, but let me understand well: he asked if you did not have a girlfriend and wished ask about how you used to deal in relation to your sexuality, is it? If you used to masturbate yourself is it?

R.: That is it, exactly. So I said at that time that I already did not have, like, uncontrolled impulses, I said that I had been able to keep me well and so he said: “Ah, but at the beginning it is difficult” and I said: “Yeah at the beginning it is hard really very difficult”, but the talking was… He also said that if I wanted to ask some philosophical questions that I could ask, but it was like that nothing beyond that. It surprised me that I had a chat with , from , after I had stay some times with Param Gati and because of something or another we got into this subject of masturbation, he got surprised because he said that with him Param Gati made this question to him only when he was already living for two years on the temple was initiated after all he thought a bit strange that he would ask this question like that as soon as that he met me but alright and I thought that each case is different you know each one has a different treatment, personal after all. So right on the second time that I stayed with him on (*) I remained as a secretary 7 of him also and so at (*) started like hugs more lengthy and like passing the hand the limbs of my body.

I.: And at these situations were you alone? And where used to happen?

R.: Alone, always alone and would happen in the bedroom, in the passage of the bedroom but always isolated you know.

I.: And these hugs had some chat before? Would happen by chance?

R.: These hugs and actions did not have chat about them before or after the act. They were, the chats, as before as after, they were… they didn’t have anything to do with actions that could show lust. The chats were always, were always: “May Krishna protect you” things like that. So, at this second time the arms started to have more touch with the hands, with the limbs of the body and, anyway, I remember once…

I.: And these touches were from his part (initiative)? Only from his part, how was it?

R.: Started, in fact, from his part.

I.: And you responded?

R.: To the touches, by instance, to the hugs and some caresses made on the backs and these would come first from his part (initiative), I tried to respond on a affective manner also, but without any lust thinking so that the why, why I never had attraction for men, you know, my attraction have been always for the opposite sex, so I would try to respond to his affection that apparently seemed be something, like, pure, an expression of a unconditioned love, so I never wanted, I never wanted, like, disappoint him on this point.

I.: But how were these touches, these that you call initials, were they massages how was it?

R.: Hugs passing the hands on the backs, for example, and I remember that once he complaint about pain on his back so in a loving way I started to massage his back with the tips of my fingers and on this intercourse…

I.: And Who started this hug?

R.: He started the hug, I would never have the initiative of hug him because after all I'm a servant and he was on the position of a Guru, so my, from my part the mine in- 8 tercourse, on my exchange with him I always tried to be formal, I never looked for an intimacy with him, I always tried to be formal but he never, never tried to be formal to me he always tried actually this intimacy that spontaneous thing without any formality it was that that he always demonstrated. I made a massage with the tips of my fingers in view of alleviate his back pain but what came to happen and what I thought very strange and uncomfortable was the way that he would move, the way he rubbed on me and the way he would groan how he would get wheeze and sigh, something really, it seemed like a woman something… I tried at that time understand which humour was that or even though I would think that he was feeling, that he had these feelings due to the level that level of purity and I tried to imagine what he was feeling, you know, because in fact he would demonstrate a great enjoy, he would demonstrate been feeling things, like, very big, very great and so I remember that on this second time these hugs by his initiative started like to for example he would tighten on like the biceps oh! I remember when I would do when I did massage on him, you know, that he would groan like sigh on a tired way he would say “Oh, how you are strong… Despite you are skinny you are strong” things like that.

I.: And you would say?

R.: I would give a little smile and say nothing because I would find nothing to say. I would try to understand the situation…

I.: He would tighten your arm and then...

R.: Then on these hugs on this second time that I stayed with him started with these tightens, tighten my arm, passing the hand through very much on back and I remember also that at this second time he started to lift up his t-shirt try to feel my body on his and the emotion that he would create was always like, like that would be… an exchange of energy, something favorable even I say that because once he told me that it was good that he embraced me like that and pass spiritual energy he told me once. He told me things like: “Oh, you have lift irons you know to get stronger. He would emphasize that.

I.: I would like to go back to this point that you mentioned about the hug in which he lifted the t-shirt.

R.: Yes.

I.: How was it? Were you embraced and he started to lift his t-shirt was it?

R.: That is it. The initiative came from him, of lift his t-shirt and I remember also that he also wanted that I lift my t-shirt. 9

I.: Did he verbalized that?

R.: He lifted my t-shirt. He would not verbalize anything, he would not speak about it. I remember also that I lifted my t-shirt just, like, to follow him… of course, I was disturbed, I was confused but I could not understand the situation and until this point still, I could tolerate because I had never know of incidents by him, before, never I have been told that he had a tendency to homossexualism and I have always been told about him as a self realized person, a Guru in a high spiritual level, a wonderful person and I was really disturbed by these actions and I did not know what think about it. I remember that would have three or four situations that could be. I would think for example on the matter that this would be a mood that he had, I really thought that, or I would think that, or he thought that I was gay and that he was trying to test me, see if I really was or that he was trying to test my control, my sense control, my mental control… or… also I even thought that he would be gay, but I would even condemn myself when thinking that, I would think, I thought that for lack of purity I was not perceiving the true fact and I have been offensive…

I.: But, back to the point: he would take the the-shirt out entirely?

R.: I remember that first he just lifted, but had times that he would take out the t-shirt completely.

I.: So what he would do after that?

R.: He would continue embracing me, embrace and touching. Ah, he would make massage on my back, would tight my arms and demonstrating clearly also that he wanted me doing the same things, but I was trying don’t, don’t hurt him by actions, but I didn’t have, really, didn’t have will to do the same things that he was doing, so that because the way he would rub his body on me, he would breath, I founded something really, like gay, I could not understand the situation, but… but…

I.: And on that second time did happen something more like that?

R.: It happened also, just on a embrace, the fact that he was touching his face on my face, you know, on these facial touch and, I remember, like, remember that he wanted that I would get really close to his mouth and he really wanted, like, that I kissed him, he wanted that I kissed him.

I.: It didn’t happen?

R.: No, that not happened but just because I did not really want because it was... 10

I.: Did you fell that had the intention?

R.: Entirely, like, he wanted like, he even tried to force a little bit, that was the situation: he would advance 90% and wait that I would advance the last 10… off course that I never advanced the other 10, never had the intention, but that was clear, like… that he wanted me kissing him, you know, on this intercourse but on that second time that I stayed with him it did not go beyond that you know it did not go beyond that. He also said, said some things like for example that I could not find coherence for example like that I stayed with him on that second time he said things like for example, like: “You came to protect me”, so it gave me, that… on the way, putting the other things together things that he would tell me would seems like that intimacy that he had with me was exclusive and that he was taking me as a person like much pure and because that these things were happening between him and me. He would say other things to me like, also, but it was on the third time that I stayed with him so (*) was with a little cradle on the bedroom and he said: “Ah” on that manner of him with much charisma, showing much purity and affection: “I will put you to sleep on the little cradle”, you know like dealing with me like a little baby and… So and after the massage that I did on him, coming back, on which he was groaning, like and that he was rubbing on a like very very… very suspicious he said like that he did not allow the devotees hug him on that way that he did not have that intimacy with the devotees, even, even he said that the devotees of Nova (new) Gokula wanted very much do massage on him but he would not allow because… he said like this, on a subtle manner and not arrogant that they did not have purity.

I.: Did he verbalized that so.

R.: Yes, he verbalized that. So he created a situation that it was confidential and… I'm trying to remember what more he said… He always insisted very much that I should travel with him, even to France. He left from here to France. He wanted me to go there with him and… well if I remember something after that I will tell you some other things he said. I remember that on the third time that I stayed with him that things were more gross like I stayed again on the (*). I remember that on this third time, on this third time these embraces, embraces followed by the touch and massages very lengthy coming from him, like…

I.: Did you make massage on him after that time?

R.: No, this specific massage on his spine that he had pain was the only time, but these small massages while embracing like an exchange of caress and affection always on these long embraces would happen, we would not stay quiet while embracing, sometimes yes but at least it was apparently that it was that but things continue getting each time even more distorted more clear, like on the third time, on the third time more than these intercourse already mentioned it happened also the fact that he, you know, put his hand, going down until… until my butt for example. He was putting his 11 hands on my butt and taking my arms and force down on his butt, like, illicit, like with the eyes closed and trying really that I put my hand on his butt and I…

I.: Was he with closed eyes?

R.: He was with close eyes and I remember also...

I.: But did he really force your hands?

R.: Yes, he... while I was with the hands on his back he took my hands and forced to his butt.

I.: But you resisted.

R.: Yes, I resisted but until like getting close, I left him drive my hands but soon I brought them back.

I.: Yes...

R.: And again he forced down… He wanted, really wanted that I would put my hand on his butt, but it did not happened really, in fact I did not put my hand on his butt because I did not have any wish to do that and also on that third time that I stayed with him he went down his hand until, Ah! Just on that second time that I stayed with him it is important: I was not remembering, he was already rubbing his penis on my own this intercourse had already happen of a body on the other and even sometimes with the tshirt lifted or without it, even by my part I remember that I once or twice took my tshirt off because he took off his t-shirt and I wanted me to take off also, he lifted my tshirt and I following him took off, I went until this limit I took off but always remember you know that I did not know that he was gay and that I could not understand completely what was happening speculating and trying to understand. I would not do it today… And so on that second time that I stayed with him, on this intercourse he was already touching his penis on mine you know and on the third time besides this happen also he caught my penis he even caught over the cloth.

I.: And what was your reaction?

R.: I kept quiet, I did not remove his arm, I kept quiet, but he touched like for 1 or 2 seconds you know he caught and left and continue to but remember that this hand over the butt and when he caught my penis it was over the cloth it never went to the situation of take the pants off. The t-shirt yes but the pants no. So also… also the point of wish that I would kiss him, of touching the face, remember also that with these happenings I was feeling bad and suspecting. When I went to take a bath it happened twice that I locked the door just because of these happenings and while I was taking 12 bath he went and wanted to get into the bathroom you know he tried to open the door and saw that it was locked and returned. Twice it happened when I went to take bath and he I waited him doing everything that he had to do on the bathroom and I said that I would go to take a bath he saw off course that I had locked the door and…

I.: You locked because you were already distrusted.

R.: I locked because I was already distrusted and he tried to get into twice on the bathroom with me to take bath and the bathroom from (*) had a small space, it is made of transparent glass so that happened. The strongest happening that moved me more and I really felt myself very bad, it was, I think it was twice on the morning as soon as he woke up 10 minutes before that I, I was already waked ready to stand up, I was sluggishing on the bed he woke up and came straight to the bedroom I was, lied on the mattress with me, always with that manner very charismatic you know showing purity, not demonstrating like any perversion… but so on lying down…

I.: He was on the bedroom and what he would say?

R.: He would getting into and say good morning; “Good morning, Haribol!” I can’t remember the details but things like kind things with kindness and so he lied down on the mattress with me, something like very…

I.: And you would stay observing?

R.: I would observe, like, being kind also but I thought really that other sannyasis would not do it I thought it was too much intimacy: wake up in the morning I used a pyjama and so he you know nobody had washed the face, nobody had gone to the bathroom nothing and wake up and come straight to my mattress you know with that intimacy you know those hugs…

I.: Would he start to hug you? On the two times did he embrace you?

R.: Yes, he embraced me and I embraced him also I was trying to correspond, no off course, logically, just he would embrace but I was trying to correspond his affection and I rebember also that he took off the t-shirt

I.: On the two times?

R.: I cant say for sure I cant remember really but I think that yes. I can assure that once for sure. I remember also: I took the t-shirt off as I told I, he would insinuate that he whished that you know but he would not insinuate, he would not demonstrate that it was that on a lust way but as I told you: with affection something pure so that is the point when I was letting him go on because if it was based on another thing I would 13 never let him go on but based on this, he always seemed to do that based on spiritualithey, it seem that it was the starting point to him to do that.

I.: Yes, and so: did he took the t-shirt off and you both were one facing each other?

R.: Yes, facing each other, you know, he took the t-shirt off we were lied down as I remember I did not have my t-shirt on we did not took off the pants because the pants I would not do such a thing because until this point of the t-shirts, of whish transmit energy of embrace, we can even understand and don’t care but take the pants off there is no reason you know, at least I cant see why so these hugs and touches but so hence what happened really was that the turning point was: we were facing each other lying down and he forced me to have my back turned to him. I did not resist because first I did not know what he wished doing and I would not interfere aggressively because I would see how the things would go, what was happening but off course clearly I was not like mentally well with that situation you know I was already bad trying to understand, speculating what could be and so at that time he caught me and made me do, pushing me off course softly not aggressively he made me to have my back turned to him and put his leg on me and got closer to me like to really make sex, have the sex intercourse so it was at this time that I withdraw…

I.: Did he come to touch his genital on you?

R.: I cant remember but I think so, because he put the leg over me and tried an approximation… really it was moths ago and I cant remember the details. So at this time I withdrew again got out and I remember that like many times at these times like on the hugs, on the face intercourse I would open my eyes and look at him because I wanted that he looked me and say something, because I really could not understand entirely but I remember that many times he did not open his eyes and continue unconcerned and when he would open he would just smile, smile a lot, he would act normally. So on that time that he made me turn my back to him so I got out I withdrew I got out so also I looked at him and as I remember he stayed unconcerned, he took the situation indifferently I did not ask him nothing he did not speak nothing and I think that he stayed on this way to let things go on, to avoid a embarrassment situation and also as I did not ask nothing and continue to wait something. So things continue like embraced, we continue as I remember embraced. At this point, I was already fed up with that, I was already felling very bad… and I remember, like, his attitude was very indifferent like… very formal, normal so it is what I can say, like… Ah! So at this third time that I stayed with him I had told him that I had something important to tell him, it was that happened that I was dating (*) [a girl] you know we are having a conjugal relationship recently and I wanted say that to him, so I told him, he would not expect that and… he said things like as she is older than me, he said that she doesn’t seem to have her age, but he said that he could not see us together, so… we chat more things like nothing important, nothing apparently serious and I remember that he asked me to heat his water, he went to the bedroom and I remember that when I got there to give his water he was like completely shocked: standing with the bottle on one hand and the glass on 14 the table very concerned, I looked at him I remained observing, he looked at me and said like this, seriously, you know, embarrassed: “I'm trying to recover myself from the shock” and yes I really had a situation that I did not know what to think, you know I don’t know why it was a big shock to him really I did not understand which expectations he had I thought at that time, I thought at that time, I think that, I still think it today, that like he invited me very much to travel with him, or that I should stay sometime as a brahmacary, because I really had this desire, but I did not feel ready to this, that was one of the reasons that I did not accept the propose and one of the reasons was that strange relation with him that I could not understand, I was already getting afraid and I would not do something on incertitude, I thought that that, that… this was the manner that he expressed the shock was because of that, that he would not expect that. That is it.

GBC Executive Committee Decision 2009

GBC Executive Committee Decision 2009

Param Gati Swami

The Governing Body Commission of ISKCON wishes to announce that Param Gati Swami has resigned from the GBC and will no longer accept disciples for initiation. The GBC has determined, following a careful investigation, that Param Gati Swami recently made sexual advances to a male devotee. The man did not welcome these advances and matters advanced no further. In pursuance of GBC direction, Param Gati Swami will be staying in Mayapur for the next year for a directed course of counseling and spiritual restoration under GBC supervision. The Governing Body Commission of ISKCON wishes to announce that Param Gati Swami has resigned from the GBC and will no longer accept disciples for initiation. The GBC has determined, following a careful investigation, that Param Gati Swami recently made sexual advances to a male devotee. The man did not welcome these advances and matters advanced no further. In pursuance of GBC direction, Param Gati Swami will be staying in Mayapur for the next year for a directed course of counseling and spiritual restoration under GBC supervision. Those who are his initiated disciples should approach their local temple or regional authorities, as well as other trusted senior devotees, for personal guidance and direction. By virtue of strong association with good devotees and a deep relationship with our Founder-acarya Srila Prabhupada, they will be able to overcome any impediment and continue to advance on the path of devotional service.”

GBC Resolution 2010

GBC Resolution 2010

Param Gati Das

Iskcon Governing Body Commission Society

Minutes Of The Annual General Meeting Sri Mayapur Dham, February 6 – 17, 2010 305. Param Gati Das Param Gati Swami has decided in consultation with the Sannyasa Ministry that it would be in his best interest to step down indefinitely as a sannyasi. This was seen as being favorable for rectifying problems he faced in the sannyasa asrama in the past. The GBC Body has accepted this decision. The Sannyas Committee will monitor his service and his situation will be reviewed after three years. He will hereby revert to his brahmacari name, Param Gati Das.

Official Statement of Council Government of Brazil

GBC Resolutions Paramgati Swami On March 22, 2010 14:23,

Communication | CGB, ISKCON Brazil wrote:

Obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please see below the official statement of the GBC Executive Committee on Paramgati Swami. The Executive Committee of ISKCON Brazil is placed at the disposal of students for further guidance and take the opportunity to - in response to the recurring question of some - to inform those who so wish can continue to grow their guru-disciple relationships with Paramgati Prabhu - including reciting his pranama and maintaining his photo on the altar. your servants,

Executive Committee / CGB, ISKCON Brazil

Yamunacarya Das / Das Giridhari / Matura Natha Das / Gaura Hari Das / Mayapur Candra Das.



Those who are initiated disciples can approach the regional or temples authorities to which they belong, as well as other senior devotees trusted, for guidance. Through a strong association with good devotees and a deep relationship with our Founder-acarya Srila Prabhupada, the disciples of Paramgati will be able to overcome any obstacles and continue to advance along the path of devotional service. Paramgati agrees that the he will not initiate disciples for an indefinite period. These restrictions apply to both students and aspiring candidates for the second initiation. He also agrees that his disciples may seek shelter in other gurus, if they wish. Other decisions on this matter will be taken by the GBC Body, the Executive Committee of the GBC and Guru Services Committee, in line with Paramgati Swami.

The GBC Executive Committee clarifies that the statement made in the second paragraph of the resolution, "his disciples can seek shelter in other gurus, if they will," which basically means they can take shelter in other gurus through siksa. However, if a disciple feels it is absolutely essential to his/her progress in Krishna Consciousness been reinitiated by another ISKCON guru, must seek the advice of the authorities in their region. If the authorities agree, the student may be reinitiated. GBC Body Department of Communication


Param Gati Letter to Disciples #1

Letter 1 to Disciples by Param Gati Swami

Dear disciples

Please accept the blessings of Srila Prabhupada through me.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I'd like to humbly apologize to all of you for what happened recently. Sri Krishna showed me how careful we must be in our personal dealings. Right now I'm going through a period of deep introspection, praying intensely to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, that the fire of repentance in my heart burns. My mission is the same as Prabhupada, that means take you to the spiritual world and puts you at the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna and it is to that final goal of life that I'm dedicating myself. My only reason for existence in this world is to serve Prabhupada through helping you in your personal service to Krsna. I am with you always in my heart, praying to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Krsna for protection and happiness of each one of you.

Your eternal well-wisher, who really loves you, Param Gati Swami

 Param Gati Letter to Disciples #2

Letter 2 to Disciples by Param Gati Swami

Dear devotees, Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

In the past thirty-three years I have endeavored, in my capacity, to serve my spiritual master and Founder-Acharya of ISKCON. My flaws are countless and I prefer not to take your precious time by listing them here. During my visit to New Gokula in January, I found myself involved in a situation that, by Krishna's grace, did not materialize in a break of principles. Although this was a moment of weakness, which is not the normal pattern of my character, yet I accept full responsibility for my actions and I am ready for any consequences. Within ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada and the devotees in general expect and clearly deserve leaders of unblemished character. Therefore, due to this slide, I, in consultation with leaders of ISKCON Brazil and Srila Goswami Hridayananda decided to keep away from my responsibilities as a GBC and stop initiating. As Srila Prabhupada wrote, "... the main point to satisfy-Him is described in the Bhagavatam, and it is the veracity. The basic principle of religion is to the veracity." Purport, SB 1.17.33 I also accepted the case be brought to the body of the GBC for its consideration and decision. I honestly believe that this is the way that His Divine Grace would wish I act in such a situation. Although I currently do not know what is the decision of the GBC, one thing I can assure all of you. I will always continue to serve Srila Prabhupada within ISKCON to the last gasp of this mortal body. To my disciples and disciples I ask for your patience and maturity. Know that you can continue to count on me. ISKCON is like a huge tree with a gigantic dome. This huge tree is the home to all of us.

I am just a leaf on this tree. If you continue to sincerely serving in ISKCON, as I will do, you will never be unprotected. By the invitation Srila Hridayananda Goswami I made my base in Gainesville, living and serving in the local temple. I help training the devotees participating in the famous program of Food for Life, with more than 1,000 meals served daily. Nothing happens by chance. I am sure that the Supreme Lord has a plan for me. Thank you for your attention. For devotees who wish to communicate with me, you are welcome. I hope this finds you very well.

Your humble servant, Param Gati Swami

Param Gati Letter to Disciples #3

Letter 3 to Disciples by Param Gati Swami

Dear disciples, Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I would humbly like to beg for your forgiveness for my recent inappropriate behavior of which you are all aware. The intense years of extensive travelling and managerial responsibilities generated a circumstance which misled me in such a way that eventually manifested in inappropriate physical exchanges with a young man of around 19 years. This incident took place in January this year. In order to clear up some misunderstanding regarding the incident mentioned above, I would like to confirm that in fact I embraced a 19 year old man for more than 5 minutes, and this act developed to more intimate gesture, namely a kiss. I became involved in the situation up to point that I realized that I was losing myself and stopped it. I want to make it clear to all of you that the GBC statement is accurate and reveals the truth as it happened and I was simply too embarrassed to admit at first to my disciples and therefore in personal conversations with some of my disciples I chose not to reveal the details of the incident. I now understand that omitting the facts can put doubts in the minds of some of my disciples in relation to the GBC statement.

The incident made it clear to me and to the GBC Body that a change of service for me would be the best for my own spiritual welfare as well as the Society. Consequently, I decided to step down from my GBC duties and stop giving initiations in order to invest more time and energy towards my spiritual studies and increase my worship of Lord Krishna. Sri Krsna showed me that we should all be very careful in our personal rapports 2 and at this current moment of time I am taking the opportunity to go through a period of deep introspection. I am intensely praying to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai that I can quickly recover from this state of utter exhaustion. I will also be taking a spiritual break in several Holy Places in India and I will take the personal association of some of my senior Godbrothers. My ultimate duty to you all remains the same, to help you in your loving service to Srila Prabhupada and his mission. I now have the opportunity to dedicate more time towards my spiritual life and I see this as the mercy of Lord Krishna and His representatives. Many of you have been urging me for years to take time for my own spiritual practices, and I feel that Lord Krishna has now shown me that this is what I should do. I thank you all for the service you have rendered to Srila Prabhupada's mission. I am sorry if I have disappointed you and I pray that you continue to find inspiration from the many siksha gurus that ISKCON provides.

That will help me to get the time to recover spiritually. As for my aspiring disciples and disciples they are free to seek and take guidance from another spiritual master.

With all my sincerity,

Param Gati Swami

Param Gati Letter to Disciples #4

Letter by Param Gati Swami to a Disciple February 2009 Dear (*),

Please accept my blessings.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thanks for your message. I hope you and your family are well. As for me, by the grace of Krsna I'm fine, recovering from trauma, speaking to us in confidence. Thank you for your words. Basically I sent two important messages, which I transcribe below for you. I ask you not to print them or publish them because they were sent all over Brazil in the form of personal message. A message is directed to those responsible for the Temples and the second is for the disciples. (*), you know me for many years and knows how I have this nature of being familiar and close to devotees in order to create a fraternal environment within the Movement. But with this Krsna showed me that I have to be very careful in my personal dealings.

Thanks again.

Your well-wisher, Param Gati Swami

Daksina Fund-raising Letter #1

Daksina for Param Gati Swami, Julho 2009

From: Rachel Coimbra to: Paramgatiswami disciples,

Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2009 00:14:16

Subject: Collection of Lakshmi to Gurudeva Dear God- family and well wishers of His Holiness Param Gati Swami: Please accept my obeisances to your lotus feet.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

His Holiness and the Vaishnava devotees of the Lord. As you know Gurudeva is in India and by the end of the year he has to travel to Taiwan to get his 5 year visa. Kindly, Gurudeva engaged me in his service, particularly to collect some laksmi to help for his travel. I should bring the laksmi with me when I´ll go to India in October. Govindar Sundar pr´s suggestion was to organize ourselves as we did for the Vyasapuaj 2008: one disciple for each country in Europe:

Vraja Lila mataji: Espanha/Spain Gaura Candra pr: França/France 2 Radha Madhava mataji: Suiça/Switzertland Navadwipa Candra pr: Polónia/Pland Gurudeva´s bank account in Portugal infos are:

Nome: Pedro Ferraz Morada: R. D. Estefânia, 91 r/c 1000 Lisboa Banco: Santander

NIB: 001800031966240202010

IBAN: PT50001800031966240202010


I also created a paypal account linked to the mail: Devotees in Portugal I can also give directly Laksmi. When you deposit any donation please let me know by email so that I can notify Gurudeva.

Please send the information to more disciples who are not on the list "to".

Your grateful servant sam


Daksina Fund-raising Letter #2

Dakshina to Param Gati Swami Gurudeva's account 2011

Param Gati Swami English Forum Mar 31 2011, 3:50 pm Dear spiritual brothers and sisters,


All glories to Srila Prabhupada! As you all know our beloved Gurudeva is residing in India since 2009 and he has been working a lot for Srila Prabhupada’s mission As he says in his reports he carries on with his dedication to spreading the Holy Names of Sri Krishna. Maybe this physical distance left us negligent with regards to his cost of maintenance.

His account balance in Banco do Brasil is R$ 122,00 (=50 Euro)and it has been like that for the last 2 months. We urgently need to change it for the good of our Guru. I am currently a part of the administrative team of the Temple in Belo Horizonte as a treasurer and when Gurudeva traveled he asked me to administer his current account. Best regards, Sri Dwarakadish Das 2 details for the deposit:

Banco do Brasil Pedro Cordeiro Ferraz AG: 0033-7 C/C: 817.392-3 IN EUROPE CONTACT

Daksina Fund-raising Letter #3

Guru Dakshina 2011 Param Gati Swami English

Forum by Sri Ananga Manjari dd.

Dear God family:

Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Srila Gurudeva and the Vaisnava devotees of the Lord. I hope you are all wonderfully well in Krsna consciousness. I come to remind you that externally Gurudeva depends only from donations for his maintenance (internally we know that Sri Krsna takes care of his pure devotee but for us is a great opportunity to serve such an elevated soul in the position of our Gurudeva), so I would like to ask you the favor to please contribute with some laksmi for our Gurudeva, his details of his bank account in Portugal (from which Gurudeva has a debit card that he uses anywhere in the world) are: Pedro Cordeiro Ferraz Morada: R. D. Estefânia, 91 r/c 1000 Lisboa Banco Santander Nº de conta: 000319662402020

NIB: 001800031966240202010

IBAN: PT50001800031966240202010 2


and also his paypal account in Gurudeva's name thank you all so much

ys Sam 1e987548acb