It is best to eat boiled foods such as rice, dhal (beans), and boiled vegetables. Fried foods are much more difficult to digest. Food should always be well cooked. Food in India can be dangerous if it cools and is later reheated. Raw salads and ice creams can be potentially harmful in India

Raw salads are dangerous because the vegetables are washed with potentially unclean water. If the water is purified, salads will not usually cause problems.



Drinking milk in India can sometimes be risky, as there is no health standard in relation to milk in India. Raw milk must be boiled to make it safe. Ideally the milk should be brought to the boiling point three times to kill all the germs. It should be drunk as soon as possible after boiling.



In a hot climate, people tend to perspire more readily. Besides losing fluids, people also lose salt from their bodies. Like water, salt must be replaced to maintain optimum health. Extra salt without extra fluids will cause dehydration.



A frequent complaint of travelers to India is related to the digestion. Ayurvedic medicine suggests that food items such as lime, ginger, and fresh coriander be mixed with food to help digestion.



Indian doctors can be excellent. Doctors in the private clinics and large hospitals can be much better at curing tropical diseases than doctors in America and Europe. As a class, however, it is best to not put all your faith in the doctors in India, unless they are practicing in larger cities. See a Doctor Immediately If you fall ill, do not wait too long before seeing a doctor