Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke

Both are caused by dehydration and/or salt deficiency. Symptoms: headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, and loss of energy. The cure for dehydration is to rest and drink plenty of fluids (water is best). Salt deficiency is cured by taking extra salt (electrolytes). Extra salt in your food is best. Heatstroke is much more severe and is caused both by a dehydration and being exposed to high temperatures over a period of time. Symptoms: high temperature, overall illness, severe headache, heavy perspiration, delirium, loss of consciousness. One of the first symptoms to watch out for is when the victim begins to wander around with no direction. A victim should be rushed to a hospital, and if that is impossible, should be taken out of the sun and covered with a wet towel or sheet. If the victim is conscious, get them to drink water.


Intestinal Worms

Different worms enter the body in different ways. Some enter through the skin (often through the feet) and others enter through food (usually uncooked meat or unwashed fruit and vegetables). Worms are often not a serious illness, but they can cause long-term health problems. Only a stool test can determine which kind of parasite has infected you.