Bhakti Gaurava Narayana Swami

Bhakti Gaurava Narayana Swami joined ISKCON in 1981, in Vrindavana. He served as a life member deirector in Mayapur for a few years. He first started youth preaching in ISKCON Bhubaneswar. since 30 years he has dedicated his life for the service of Prabhupada's mission with travelling and preaching all over India and aborad. Recently he has completed editing the epic literature Chaitanya Charitamrta in Hindi. Presently he is serving as one of the zonal secretary for eastern india. He is also one of the initiating Gurus in ISKCON. 

The official website of Bhakti Gaurava Narayana Swami. His lectures and a few photos of Bhakti Gaurava Narayana Swami have been included. 

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