Bidar Narasimha Swami Cave Temple - Sri Kshetra Jharni Narasimha Mandir

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Navin Kumar Keerthi Prakash

Sri Kshetra Jharni Narasimha Mandir - Bidar Narasimha Swami Cave Temple - Bidar - Karnataka

The temple is believed to come into existence when Vishnu killed Hiranyakashyap, slew another giant named Jharasura. While breathing his last, Jharasura requested Vishnu to reside in the cave in which he was living and to grant boons to devotees. Granting last wish of his, Narasimha came to live in the cave and hence the name.
This water cave temple virtually runs into a cave with water measuring 300 meters.The temple is a powerful deity of Lord Narasimha as per the belief where one has to wade through water up to chest height to have darshan of the idol. It's a thrilling experience to travel through the cave as there is natural water within it. The bats and owls sitting on the roof top of cave are harmless to the devotees. The place is surrounded by picturesque valley.