Brahma, Beejamandal & Ghantai Temples...Khajuraho

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prakash manjrekar

Brahma Temple is located on the banks of Khajur Sagar or Ninora Tal. It is constructed in 900 AD. Today this shrine is called Brahma, but it has a four-faced Shiva linga in the Sanctum and the lintel above the sanctum door clearly indicates that it once was dedicated to Vishnu. The projection on the east contains the entrance with Ganga and Yamuna at the base. Beejamandal Temple near the Chaturbhuj temple is in ruins now. But from the remaining structure it can be seen that the temple had highly decorated exterior walls. Beejamandal is located in Jatkara village, Khajuraho, that has not yet been fully excaved and explored. There is a tradition of lighting a holy lamp in this temple by villagers staying near the temple every night inside the temple complex. The Ghantai temple is Constructed between 950 and 1050 AD.
The name of the Ghantai temple is derived from the beautifully carved figures of chain-and-bell, also known as ghanta, on its tall and huge pillars.The walls of the temple are beautifully decorated with display of 16 dreams of Mahavira's mother. The temple also has a stone carved image of Mahavira's mother, which is represented as a multi-armed Jain goddess hovering on a winged Garuda.