Chitrakoot - Abode of the Gods

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The video opens by defining Chitrakoot as a place of many wonders. It describes the spiritual legacy of this place as being the deep forests that Lord Ram and Sita spent eleven of their fourteen years of exile. It further showcases the different ghats and then Kamadgiri, the original Chitrakoot, which is again the place of prime religious significance. Further places like Bharat Koop, Gupt-Godavari, Hanuman Dhara are also flashed in the video.
Maihar the holy city situated 65 kms from Chitrakoot is also showcased in the video. The temple of Ma Sharadha is of great significance here. 
How to Reach Chitrakoot: Nearest Airport: Khajuraho (175 kms).
Nearest Rail station: Chitrakootdham (Karwi) (11 km) on the Jhansi-Manikpur main line.