Concept of health according to ayurveda 1/2

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bala nair·

The science offers a treatment of by natural and holistic way to problems of not only the human body but also human mind. Spirit and consciousness. Ayurveda always believed in considering human beings a creature of emotions who can get diseases also if their mind is not balanced and thus considers mind and body as of same origin. This is not considered in the western medicine which basically sees human being as a machine with separate system, organs and tissue that separates the mind and body into distinct categories.

Ayurveda this is enticing science which employs a variety of natural means to bring synchronization to physiology including therapies. Diet, herbs spices, minerals, exercise, meditation, mental balance techniques to eliminate toxic substances from the body. Panchakarma therapies, Massage etc.

Thus the science offers an ever promising 'health' to each person even to the person who reads fragment of its knowledge in magazines and is as deep as the sea holding mystic secrets of health to its learners.