Duladeo Temple...Khajuraho

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prakash manjrekar

The Duladeo Temple (दुलादेव मंदिर) in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh is dedicated to the god Shiva in the form of a linga. 'Dulodeo' means “Holy Bridegroom”. The temple is also known as "Kunwar Math".The temple faces east and is dated to 1000–1150 AD. It is the last of the temples built during the Chandela period.The temple is located on the bank of the Khudar River in the southern group of temples in Khajuraho. A figure of Shiva is carved on the lintel at the entrance to the sanctum (garbhagriha). The central icon of the linga in the sanctum is not the original but a duplicate, as the original is untraced. A unique feature of the depictions on the linga is that it has 999 more lingas carved all around its surface. Its religious significance is that going round the linga would amount to taking of circumambulation a 1,000 times around it. The exterior walls of the temples have repeated the images of the Bridegroom and his consort. The western wall, which is the part of the temple that is better preserved. The sculptures of the duladeo temple are refined, slim and well -proportioned. The figures, both men and women wear jewellery here than in any other temples in Khajuraho and there are also few figurines in the erotic poses of couples engrossed in love.